Monday, October 3, 2016

Be Seen, Be Important with Digital Signage

Digital signage is one way to get an edge over your competitors. Digital signage is impressive and attracts attention. Any business, no matter how small or big that has digital signage, will stand out and draw customers. It replaces print media in public places and provides many extra benefits, including flexibility, instant changes and dynamic content. Companies such as Navori at provide the latest digital sign players that render content with exceptional high quality and smoothness. Attracting attention is not the only benefit of digital signage. Here are seven benefits that will help your business be important.


The capability of making frequent and quick changes to content reduces the cost of advertising. There is no time lap waiting for print signage. You can get your message out within minutes. As prices, discounts and special offers become available, they are presented to the public immediately and not after a few days when they appear in print media. In the past, only businesses that had a high marketing budget could afford digital signage, but that has changed. Technology, in the form of LCD and plasma displays, has enabled a huge reduction in the cost and made it a practical solution even for startups.

Audience Attention

The main goal of any signage is to attract the attention of potential customers. Ordinary signage can be very inventive and attractive, but it does not come anywhere near digital signage. With the wide variety of possibilities for your display, and the natural attraction of most people for video displays rather than print media, you can produce a multi-media communications channel to harness the audience's comfort level with digital media. To be noticed, your business needs marketing that that jumps off the page, and digital signage does just that.

Change the Target

With digital signage, you can reach a larger audience because you can change the message or rotate messages. According to the time of day or your audience demographic, you can highlight different things. If your business offers a variety of merchandise, entertainment or information, you can direct content based on your audience's interest.

Make the Most of Limited Space

You may only have a certain amount of physical space to put your signs such as a wall or storefront. With a print media sign, you only get one chance to attract new customers. If you want to put several signs in your limited space, you may have to reduce the message. With digital signage, you can offer several messages in the same physical space and each can be engaging. For example, a restaurant may want to offer dinner specials towards evening, or let customers know they have fresh lobster on the menu.

Easy to Access

Digital signage can be controlled remotely or locally according to the site layout. You can manage message campaigns from one location, saving time and expense. If your sign is on the highway, you can change it without leaving your office with the click of your mouse. For example, if the weather worsens, you may want to tell drivers to be careful as a public service message.

Showcase your Business

Specials and discounts may not be your thing, but a digital sign can showcase your work, giving potential customers a chance to see what you offer. For example, if you are an interior designer, you can have a slideshow of some of your completed projects. This will not only promote your brand, it will also give customers confidence in what you can do.

Customer Interaction

If you have a waiting room where customers or clients need to sit while waiting for an appointment or for the work on their car to be completed, digital signage is a good way to entertain and engage them. You can showcase special offers, show interesting videos or entertain children. Parents will love that.

Digital signage puts you in the driver's seat of your marketing program. You can change information as you wish with a specific message in the morning and a new message in the evening. If the display is inside your office or place of business, it will brighten up the atmosphere, help relax people who are waiting and give important information that may encourage customers to come back.

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