Thursday, August 6, 2015

Connecting People Musically

In the world today, it seems like there are many things that divide people. People are divided over which sports team is the best. Other people are divided over which political party or politician offers the best hope. Different languages and dialects can prove to be challenging when communication is needed in a number of countries. Although there is division, one of the best forms of connecting people is through music.

Many Instruments, One Theme

There are numerous types of instruments on the market today. People who enjoy brass music may like a trumpet or a trombone that can give a bright and clear sound. Rock and roll enthusiasts may truly appreciate electric bass guitars, and the important contribution that it has given audiences over the years. A violin is one of the many stringed instruments that have brought joy and peace to millions of people. Although each instrument is different and unique when compared to another, the function of each one is the same. After all, music is meant to communicate to other people and to oneself. There can be feelings of happiness, sadness, joy, doubt, fear, joy and even worship in music. The truth is that music communicates and connects like no other form of communication on earth.

The Pursuit of Excellence

While music connects and communicates, there is a danger for those who use these delicate instruments. The danger is that musicians can tend to become sloppy with their musical abilities. While it is understandable for there to be growing pains with young performers who pick up an instrument for the first time, adults can easily choose not to practice. Over time, they may decide to focus on other items in life. Although there is nothing worth with doing various events in life, communication can be damaged when musicians choose not to practice or seek to improve. Practice matters greatly for all musicians, and that includes the first violinist in an orchestra and the high school freshmen who is still learning how to play the baritone. As musicians work on excellence, the musical communication they express becomes better.

Music can be experienced practically anywhere. It has been a wonderful way to provide healing to people with deep emotional and physical scars. A musician can connect with people of all ages through careful practice and diligence. The world is always ready to hear musical excellence.

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