Friday, December 6, 2013

Jago Comics: Hyrule Chickens

JaGo Comics
Burn in hell, chickens!


Would love to get Man of Steel and the ST Into Darkness clip was cool about the casting

Weeds: The Complete Collection, the Star Trek casting clip was neat

I like to see behind the scenes of how real life can translate to animation. I would love to see The Wolverine on Blu-ray

I would like to win The Little Mermaid for my grandkids. The behind the scenes clip I liked was the White House Down.

I would like to see the behind the scenes of Wolverine...the transformation.

I'd love to win Weeds: The Complete Collection.

i'd love to win Monsters University or Despicable me 2

Despicable Me 2 and I loved the behind the scenes of Weeds with MLP. Great stuff!

I liked the White House Down clip. I would also like 2 Guns.

Would like to get fast 6 and the ST Into Darkness clip was cool about the casting

The Fast 6 Behind the Scenes is my favorite.
I want Man of Steel

The Wolverine clip is cool! I'd want The Wolverine combo.

I liked the Star Trek casting clip. I want Weeds:the complete collection.

i like the despicable me 2 clip and thats the combo i want

Really enjoyed the Trek clip. Like to get WEEDS or Pacific Rim.

My kids would love to see Despicable Me 2 and I have been waiting to watch 2 guns.

Thought I already entered in this.. apparently not - Anyway, Despicable Me 2 (the Minion movie thingy) was awesome :D Any of the movies would be awesome - but particularly Monsters University.

I liked that Jeremy Quinto was making fun of Benedict Cumerbach very funny I liked the Star Trek into Darkness Clip. That is the combo I would want. Star Trek.

Weeds: The Complete Collection

I like the Despicable Me clip and I want Fast 6
Nicole Carter

I like the monstersu clip and id love to win the weeds collection

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