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Rare Warner Bros. Exclusive! The Conjuring Annabelle Doll Giveaway

Hey there. Have you guys seen The Conjuring yet? If you haven't, you need to hurry and enter the giveaway I am running for the movie now! If you have seen the film or already own it, then you need to check out THIS giveaway! You see that? That's the Annabelle doll from the movie... and I'm giving one away to one of you fine Metallman readers! Our good friends at PartnersHub and Warner Bros. have provided me with a rare Warner Bros. Studio exclusive Annabelle doll to give away. How creepy is that doll? How creepy was it in the movie? And to think, the Annabelle doll in the film is inspired by an actual doll that is possessed! This is a must have for any horror fans out there. Now, on to a few fun facts about the film.

The Conjuring 5 Things to know… INTERACTIVE GIFS!

1) The Conjuring is directed by the acclaimed James Wan, the Australian-born director of the fright-fests Insidious and the Saw series. His Twitter handle is @CreepyPuppet. Say no more.
2) The Conjuring has been given an “R” rating by the MPAA. Not because of blood, gore, or violence, but simply because it’s just so scary from start to finish!
3) The Conjuring’s cast and crew experienced creepy events during filming. Scratches appeared out of nowhere on Vera Farmiga’s computer soon after she agreed to act in the movie, the crew were routinely woken by something in the “witching hour” between 3 and 4AM, and the real-life Carolyn Perron fell and broke her hip while visiting the set.
4) The Rhode Island farmhouse where The Conjuring is set once belonged to an accused witch, Bathsheba, who tried to sacrifice her children to the devil and killed herself in 1863.
5) Hold your applause! The Conjuring will make you terrified to clap! Whether it’s playing a traditional game of hide-and-seek by following the clapping sounds like the mother and daughter in the movie, or being terrorized by ghostly claps in different rooms of the haunted farmhouse, these claps throughout the movie will give you the creeps!

Pretty awesome, no? And now, the giveaway rules. The giveaway will run from now until Nov. 13th.  To enter the giveaway, use the rafflecopter widget and leave a comment answering the question below. That's it. Gain extra entries and increase your chance of winning by sharing on various social media outlets. Also, the giveaway is open to US and CAN residents only. Winner must have a residential address. Prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. Sorry no PO Boxes. Each household is only eligible to win 1 The Conjuring Annabelle Doll via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

To enter to win the Annabelle Doll, you must use the widget below AND leave a comment answering this question: Which is the scariest doll in film and why? Is it Annabelle? The puppets from Puppet Master? Any doll in Dolls?  Chucky, perhaps? Let's hear it friends! Good luck! Later!

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I'd have to say the doll from Saw. When you saw him, you knew it was over! Totally creepy looking!

The dummy from Magic with Anthony Hopkins. Ventriliquist dummies are scary enough but that one was just EVIL.

Chucky has always freaked me out. I have a fear of knives and the idea of a doll coming to life could keep me up at night.

I'd say Chucky.
I saw that movie has a kid and was convinced my dolls were going to kill me for months. lol

Its a big toss up between Chucky because of his mass murdering ways and the doll from Saw because of the creepiness

Chucky has always been haunting my nightmares as a kid but that Annabelle doll is right up there. Freaky man.

The clown doll in Poltergeist is pretty scary, but I'm not sure if it's because it's a killer or because it's a clown.

Chucky is because that sweet cute face hides a deep dark secret.

Yea, I agree the Poltergeist clown still gives me nightmares

I would have to say Dolly from Dolly Dearest

Chucky. He was scary when I was a kid.

It's a toss up between Blade from Puppet Master and Chucky. Blade is scary because the whole Puppet Master movie is just creepy, Chucky is scary because he pretends to be your best friend "Good Guy Doll", and he's very conniving and murderous!

Chucky was quite creepy when I first seen the movie when I was really young.
The fact that he just kept coming back and would not freaking die is what made him so scary.

Now as for the puppet master dolls, they was kinda creepy when I was young.
I would really like to start collecting all the puppet master dolls or any creepy ones as I don't have any at the moment.

I plan to start with blade one of these days. Maybe I will get lucky and add the doll from this contest to start my collection, =D.

That scary little Chucky serial killer doll

Billy from "Dead Silence" is seriously creepy/scary. Pretty much all Ventriloquist dummies make my skin crawl... I can't explain it... they just do. Doesn't help seeing a grown adult man/woman playing with and talking to a doll, for a living. Lamb Chop scares the **** out of me. LOL!!

I would have to say Chucky is because no other doll in cinema history has scared up so many frights since his film debut.

Those ventriloquist dummies in "Dead Silence" were creepy. I think the ending of the movie made all the dolls even more ( *shudder*) creepy.

chucky totally creeped me out

When I was a kid, it was definitely the ticki doll from trilogy of terror

I am entering your giveaway.
It would be great to win The Conjuring Annabelle Doll.
In response to your question of Which is the scariest doll in film and why?
I would have to say Chucky from the Child's Play movies was the scariest
because no matter what happened to him he wouldn't die.

He was also able to just blend in with his surroundings
because no one thought a cute doll like him was harmful.
It wasn't until he got disfigured that you thought of him as being evil.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!

Chucky for sure, he spent years creeping me out :/

The doll from saw, you new it was over.

chucky used to scare the crap outta me

Ooo... I forgot all about Billy from Dead Silence. Those damn ventriloquist dummies are all freakin' creepy! (and it's ok... Lamb Chop scares the crap out of me too. lol)

Hey there Mary. Yeah! All ventriloquist dummies are creepy as hell! Billy definitely ranks up there as one of the creepiest ever.

The ventriloquist doll named Fats from a 1978 film "Magic" which starred Anthony Hopkins. I hate those kind of dolls and for its time, this was a creepy film.

Chucky gave me nightmares that I'll never forget

Chucky has always scared me.

Thanks for the chance.

definitely Chucky. Would have nightmares after that movie.

Have you seen those Bratz dolls? Those things are freaky!

Definitely Chucky because he looks almost cute and innocent at first.

Chucky. It's just a scary looking doll that has a maniacal look in its eyes.

Chucky always scared the crap out of me

The Zuni fetish doll from Trilogy of Terror is the scariest. The movie was made in 1975. I was 11 and that thing was scary. I think it is still scary to this day. If you haven't seen the film, check it out!

Hey there Roxann! I need to check that one out. Never heard of it and I love a great horror flick! Thanks for the recommendation!

The dolls from The Puppetmaster because they were all so creepy, but Chucky too, he was such a brutal killer and I thought of him every time I saw a My Buddy commercial lol

That clown from Poltergiest scared me when I was a kid.
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