Saturday, June 29, 2013

Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II KILO Limited Edition Gaming Headset Giveaway

Hey there.  Who needs a gaming headset?  I asked the fans on Facebook if they would prefer a game or another headset for this giveaway and the headset won by a landslide.  So I've decided to give away a Turtle Beach Call of Duty Kilo II Gaming Headset!  I personally use this headset and I love the damn thing.  The sound is so crisp and clear and the headset is pretty comfortable to wear.  Here is a brief description:

The Turtle Beach Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Ear Force Kilo Limited Edition Headset combines premium stereo game sound with crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation® Network, Xbox LIVE® and PC/Mac to produce a truly engaging gaming audio experience. The Ear Force Kilo is both a stereo headset for chat sound and an amplified stereo headset for game sound. Independent volume controls, mounted right on the custom Black Ops II cloth braided cables, let you personally balance the game and chat sound while 50mm speaker drivers ensure you won’t miss a single audio cue. Featuring an exclusive Call of Duty®: Black Ops II color scheme, the Ear Force Kilo is the essential weapon for Call of Duty®: Black Ops II fans.

So let's get to it.  The giveaway will run from now until July 28th.  The winner will be announced on the July 29th.  I can only ship to residential addresses.  Sorry, no PO boxes.

So let's hear it friends.  Are you in need of a new headset?  Later!
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My SteelSound 5H V2 Headset finally broke after 5 years of use, so winning new headphones would be awesome!

headsets would make my gaming experience way better, good luck!

Welcome back, Persist! Good luck to you!

thank you, good luck to everyone

I need a gaming headset because i don`t have one, and i really, really would love to finally play without having my wife hear how many bullets Call of Duty has :)

I don't have a gaming headset. Thank you for this truly great giveaway!

time to upgrade from my old x12s

Because it looks sweet and could use one for my other system

Could use a really good pair! :)

Who don't like free stuff ;) between I really don't have a gaming head set :( and i would love to have one :)

I already have an awesome Corsair headset, but my brother only has a cheap one and is constantly breaking his. This would be a great present for him.

Love this headset - would make me a better player - game on everyone!

Like entering gamer giveaways and this would be a upgrade from what I have already.

Currently have an old Soundblaster Arena headset, it's just not good enough for my ears, I need something better so I can hear those pesky enemies creeping up behind me :D

I need a new gaming headset, I go through them pretty quickly and rotate them out in my house between the kids. This one looks great.

My son is in need of a headset, and he could use a good set instead of the cheap stuff he keeps buying and has to replace

Well, two reasons for me to win. 1 - I love to win and 2 - I don't have a gaming headset and would really love one. thanks!

Looking for a headset. currently do not own one

My son wants one really bad! I would be the coolest mom ever if I won him these! :)

I need this because my cheap one is in bad shape

My old headset broke so I need a new one!

My sons took mine and now I'm without a headset and would love one for when I play games.

i dont have one and i want one so bad

Still have the same old one that has a mind of its own and works when it wants to, they are evil headphones:)

I would like to be mom of the year by presenting these to my son!

My monitor doesn't have speakers so I need a good to use headphones and the pair I got are crap.

I need it cause i have old parents who somehow hear my tv at like volume 2 at night and i want to be asble to play games when I have my time. I can't hear nothing at night! I need these gaming headset

Really need a good gaming headset because i have nothing of good quality and would really love to game and chat! thanks for the chance!

Twitter @volcombrandon

I need a new mic because im using the cheap wired MS headset.

I don't have a gaming headset.

I gave a decent pair of headphones but the pair my brother has are terrible. If I win, these will go to him. Thanks for the chance to win!

Twitter @MrNerveDamage

I would love to give this to my hubby because he needs a really nice one to play Black Ops

I need one and I love CALL of duty!!

I would love to win this for my gaming son. His are duct taped together!

I really love winning stuff.

I would love to win this and give it to my daughter who loves gaming and is in need of a good headset

That game is a guilty pleasure i find myself returning to, can't say i'd be against wearing my support on my ears.

My gaming headset is 8 years old. It's still works great but I would love to try something new. I play mostly FPS games so this would be a great headset for me. Thanks!

Thieves stole my last xbox and cans. I replaced the system but now I'm having to play with the volume all the way down to keep from waking the baby!

Would love this for my hubby, he does not have one

I would really love a sweet gaming headset like this. I've never ownded a gaming headset, but I've been aware of the Turtle Beach brand for a long time.

I would love to win this for my son!! He has been wanting one for his PS3,and would absolutely love this,thanks! ;)

Been looking for a set for my kids

my headset is staring to show it age :(

My husband would love one!

This would be for my son for the xbox, we don't have a headset.

I don't have a gaming headset. I only have some cheap headphones that have a horrible mic that is very muffled. The mic output & the audio input are very close together, so I can't hear gameplay & talk through it simultaneously.

I broke my other headset, so it'd be awesome to have this one!

want one because i don't have one!

Ours is broken, so we can't yell at n00bs and it's horrid.

awesome prize,we bought ours off ebay and the dog chewed the cord off so we bought another and they are terrible as we cant afford another good set,there are four of my teens still living here so they will be very much used :)

I really need a new headset. My current one is all taped together and falling apart. Also, the sound is totally uneven in 2 ears. Always wanted to try a Turtle Beach headset, but i've already checked the prices for the ones they sell at Gamestop and I'll never be able to afford them at this rate.

Hey Metalman, lost your last giveaway but maybe i'll have better luck this time. ;)

Would be amazing, got an old skullcandy headset its rubbish and uncomfortable .

would be amazing, got an old skullcandy headset its rubbish and uncomfortable.

My first one stopped working so i got another one and the sound is kind of dimming so this will be very much appreciated!

old pair got broken from my son

I want a gaming headset because I just recently got into online gaming and it'd be much easier and more fun to be able to communicate with my team!

My boyfriend has a set so I want one too.

Hey there Lauren. The couple that games together, stays together! Good luck!!!

Until my kill/death ratio is higher than, KIDDING! Thanks, good luck to everyone.

Would love to have this gaming headset to replace the one that my son "borrowed" from me. This really looks like a great headset. Thanks so much.

Hey there Margaret. I know the feeling! My son "borrowed" mine and it's the reason why I ended up getting this pair for myself!

Would love to own it so I can surprise my son when he comes to visit. (I may even give it to him.)

I like to win stuff! Plus my current headphones are old.

I do not have a pair and now grown son has moved and want to play online with him.

vmkids3 at msn dot com

I want to win this for my nephew who is a serious gamer. This would make me the cool the aunt!

My husbands gaming headset is ancient he could really use this one.

I'd use it in place of my ear buds, ouch!

My first one stopped working

I don't have one so it would be cool for some games!

My son could use a gaming headphone as he doesn't have one. And yes I just like winning stuff lol

Never seen you guys do a giveaway without a widget. Is that a bug (is it not loading properly) or is the question for us to answer in the comments?

I've never owned a gaming headset; I game with my computer speakers. It would be nice to finally own one.


Because my hubby would love a new one.
Thanks for the chance.

Would love to replace my old headset. Cable has been run over so many times that it is all patches now.

I am needing a gaming headset to step up my social skills. Introversion may be my style, but I'm looking to get out there with a headset.

My current blue tooth is broken plus I have always wanted a pair of Turtle beaches.

We have one, but not as awesome as this one!

my son decided to take mine as he didn't pick his up off the floor and stepped on it, duct tape can only do so much , so yes I need one

I hope I winnn!! I really need a headset!! Thanks for the chance!

My son is a avid gamer and uses a headset and it is broken he loves Call of Duty I would love for him to have this headset!

I love 2 win stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always wanted a better headset

I have 2 broken turtle beach headsets (an x11 and a p21) both of them still work and sound great, but they are being held together by electrical tape lol. It would be nice to win this since I can replace my headset for both systems with this single pair! Also I hear the braided cord keeps itself from bunching as much.

I've used two Turtle Beach headsets before, they're pretty great

overall quality headsets.

I don't have my own gaming headset. I am always borrowing my boyfriend's!
smchester at gmail dot com

I could use this because it's a lot better than what I got now.

I could use a new headset.

I don't have a headset at all use my tiny laptop speakers....

My speakers died on me and I don't have a headset to talk to people with.

I've been needing a new headset so thanks for the giveaway!

I'm just looking for a new one.

I have had my eye on these since they came out.

Can't go wrong with free.

Headsets are awesome. More the better

i just want to here about all the trash talk people say about me because i'm a camper that kicks there butt

I would love to win the Turtle Beach Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Ear Force Kilo Limited Edition Headset because I have some gamers in my house that would be thrilled.

A new headset would make my hubby so jealous!

I don't have any good headphones, and I really need a pair.

I've never owned a headset, but would be nice for late night gaming!

I hope to be able to win this to keep from bothering my roommates at night. Good luck to all.

I need a gaming headset, the one I have now is fine and all but it cuts in and out all the bloody time!

I don't have a compatible headset with my PS, and I play Black Ops 2 there regularly. Plus, it would be nice to know that I can talk to the people I play against. I honestly dislike the childish comments that I want to add a few comments to help shut them up at times.

My son is a huge gamer (no matter how much I limit his play time!) and has been asking for something like this!

I have a cheap one but this looks like a good replacement

I broke the mic on my husbands and had to ducktape it together until we can get another one.

I need a headset I dont have one right now

Our other headset is broken.


My daughter needs a new one. It's great for keeping the house from sounding like a war zone. :)

I want to win for my son. He is a hard core gamer and goes through a lot of headsets.

I've got a headset but its goes on the fritz so this would be cool to win as a replacement...

My husband has a nice one and I want one, too!

This game set would be for my husband, he's an avid gamer and I would like to win something nice for him. :)

I would love these for my teenage son who broke his gaming headphones recently.

Lisa Garner

My headset just broke, and this would be a perfect solution! Even if I don't win, thanks, and keep up the good work!

This would be awesome for my son, he is the king of gaming and I know he will love this.

i would love to win it for my nephew for christmas

I need a new headset. we are all gamers here and fighting over the ones we have

I want to win it for my daughters fiance- he is a major gamer but his headset finally crapped out and he's using some cheapo thing now.

my husbands broke, he needs a new one so i cant hear it!

I want to win this for my son, he is the ultimate gamer and he needs this because his other one broke, because he wore it out.

would love to win this for my brother who is a bigtime gamer

I don't play games but my son does and he needs some headphones.

Sick. Been needing a headset for yeeeeeaaaaars now!

Thanks for the giveaway...our son has an old headset that is falling apart !

I need one for my son so I don't have to listen to his games all the time !!

ktgonyea at gmail dot com

I need the Gameset because it's imperative my son does not wake me up because I have to work long hours being a single mother.

Yes I could really use these. My 13 year olds Birthday is coming up and he really loves Call of Duty Black Ops and would love these.

My husbands birthday is coming up and he's been needing a headset for his new game system. This is why I want to win.

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