Friday, February 8, 2013

Filthy Mudblood

Hey there.  I love this and the reason I believe that I love this so much is because a conversation like this would SO HAPPEN between my daughter and I.  lol  Yeah... I'm that kind of parent.  Once, while walking my daughters to school, I said, "Let's robot across the street!"  LMAO!  The younger and I start doing it and my older daughter goes, "DAD!", and walks faster.  Ah... the joys of being a parent!  =oD  Later!


Ha that's awesome. Always nice when you have a cool parent

Hey there K! Yeah, cool parents make growing up interesting. lol

Haha! LOL! :D This is a very funny conversation. I would like to get involve in this kind of conversation. ;) Good Times!

lol. your story about roboting across the street is so cute! :D

i saw another one of these recently, they're funny!

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