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Dead Space 3 Giveaway

Hey there.  Who's ready for another giveaway?!?!  I know I am.  I had a few weeks of down time where I didn't post a giveaway.  So... to make up for it, I've decided that the next giveaway will be...  DEAD SPACE 3!  Yup, the one that was just released yesterday!  How awesome is that!

The Dead Space series has been pretty good so far.  I don't think I've been spooked by a game since the days of the early Silent Hill games.  Dead Space has one of the best blends of survivor horror and action that I have seen and I simply can't wait to get my hands on the latest installment in the series.  But because I'm a nice guy and love you all, I'm going to give away a copy of the game to one of you guys!  But first, the rules:
  • Giveaway is open to all residents from US and CAN.  
  • If the winner is from Canada, you may be asked to pay additional shipping costs, please keep that in mind before entering.  
  • No alternate prizes will be given.  
  • Previous winners are eligible to enter.
  • Winner will have the choice of picking Dead Space 3 for PC, Xbox 360 or, PS3.  
  • The winner will have 3 days from the end of the giveaway to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen.  
  • Giveaway will run from now until Feb. 28th and the winner will be chosen on March 1st.  
Ok.  I think that about covers it.  Please make sure to use the punchtab widget to enter.  Now...  If you are fan of Dead Space, you are definitely familiar with scary moments in gaming.  So...  what's your favorite horror/survivor game moment?  Good luck!


The 1st Dead Space was my scariest moment in gaming, no other game has come close to making me jump so much.

Hmm scary moment in gaming...probably when I was playing Silent Hill 3 and the dead body fell in front of me in the Haunted mansion part

eternal darkness the game that messes with the tv and your save files....

Clock Tower 3 the guy with the big scissors suddenly jumping out of a door screaming snippity snap, had a mini heart attack haha

My most memorable would have to be in Fatal Frame 4. My brothers and I were playing, and as my brother was looking through the camera around a room to check for ghosts, a mannequin suddenly turned its head to look at us. All 3 of us just gasped in shock and froze for a minute after that. We joke about it now, but it was genuinely scary.

in the first resident evil when the dogs jumped in the window

The last uber scary game I played was Silent Hill on PS2

the first time i died playing super mario by being burned by the plant... i was 4

The first time a zombie cop jumped out from a car in Resident Evil 2.

In resident evil 3 when nemesis would just pop out of nowhere.

Yeah, JD! I think the first one was the first game to make me jump since Silent Hill.

Hey there Jenn! I love the Silent Hill series. I'm not too big of a fan of "cheap scares" though.

I've heard great things of Eternal Darkness but I haven't had a chance to check it out. I definitely need to jump on that.

Fatal Frame has been around for a while and I have yet to play ANY of them! I need to start from the first one and go through them.

I hate when the mannequins would "follow" you in Condemned...

Dead Space, my friend. Silent Hill was the one for me as well until I played the first Dead Space.

F.E.A.R. 3 was pretty scary.... but still a damn good game!!

I'd have to say when I was trying to get the achievement for shooting the witch in the head in Left 4 Dead. I was so scared I was going to miss and she'd come running after me.

Friday the 13th (NES) in the dark. Freakin' Jason always surprised & scared the bejesus outta me...

My scariest moment is when I played the very first resident evil on playstation. I was so scared I had to play with the lights on and some background noise haha

First time I played Dead Space... it was on PS3 and it was the demo.. Even though it wasn't dark outside or anything, I was too scared to complete it, the dark alleys scared me too much!

I don't know if I have ever been really scared by a game. I did recently jump the first time I was attacked by a gator in Far Cry 3

I remember that one! lol That one was a good one.

RE2 when the dog pops through the window on the Police Station. First time I jumped playing a horror game at 7 XD

Shooting that 1st zombie in The Walking Dead game.

PLaying Amnesia: The Dark Descent on Steam. It always scares me no matter what happens!

Playing Resident Evil (where you are located in a mansion)

Resident Evil 3 when the you're running down a hall from the Tyrant. You turn around and it's gone, then it suddenly burst through the wall. I nearly crapped my pants. ;)

The first Dead Space actually scared me, A LOT. So dark and too many eery creatures popping out at you at once. I couldn't finish it. lol

My most memorable scary moment in gaming is actually fairly recent, while I was playing Doom 3 BFG some imps jumped down from the ceiling right in front of me and I nearly peed myself.

I had a few scary moments playing Dead Space 2, none very memorable though. I don't scare easily =P

When I thought I was being sneaky while playing Asylum and was suddenly being chased

resident evil 1, openning scene.

Eternal Darkness on Gamecube game me many a fright.

Anyone remember the game Fatal Frame? Me playing that thing was the scariest gaming moment...I kept having to walk out of the room!!

Just playing through the original Silent Hill

old school resident evil darn zombies wouldnt die took so many bullets and moved so slow that one hallway always got me when the arms would burst through the bordered windows or trying to shoot the dogs so impossible sometimes

Fighting the Stalkers in Dead Space 2. Those bastards are scary as hell. Especially when you shoot them and they scream and go bat shit crazy.

I don't play so I don't have one. I'm sure my son has had a few though.

Hey there Cory. That was a great moment! lol I remember that Tyrant very well! lol

Hey there Jenny! Yeah, the first Dead Space was pretty damn errie. You HAVE to go back and finish it! lol

Hey there K! I need to play this game! I haven't gotten around to it and hearing about it now makes me want to play it more than ever! Good luck!

Hey there Christina. I need to get my hands on Fatal Frame. It's one of the few horror series that I HAVE NOT played!

Resident Evil games not knowing when a zombie is going to pop out

Playing Resident Evil the first time while late at night at home alone is my scariest and most memorable experience in gaming.

I don't game horror much anymore with the kids around all the time, this is why I couldn't get into The Secret World, but Dead Space for sure is one I have been wanting to play.

Doom 3 hearing moans and hearing whispers but not knowing where they are coming from.

Since this giveaway is only for US and Canada residents, I will just cheer for whoever you are that will win! This is an interesting game by the way! ;)

Doom running past those Satyrs with the burning globes that do tons of damage

Resident Evil 2. Bedroom door closed, late at night with all the lights off. Scary...

When that first Zombie jumps out while I'm play'n Resident Evil.....alone!

When playing Walking Dead episode 1. It feels like the tv series

Playing Silent Hill 1 on the PS1; curtains closed, midnight, and sound system cranked way up!

Fatal Fame had a crap load of scary moments for me!

Resident Evil 2! Scared the s*** out of me when I was younger!

Loved the older Resident Evil games. The dogs would jump out of nowhere or the giant spiders were a good creeper as well.

Resdient Evil 2 when I was a kid. Scared the crap outta me.

when my husband used to play the original resident evil games he would make me stay up with him in the evening. He was too scared to play it alone!!!

Playing resident evil 3.The nemisis would scare the shit out of me.

First Resident Evil when your in the house at the beginning. The introduction of the walkers. When it was on the ceiling and drops down on you. Made me jump. It was that on the first Fear.

The zombie dogs in Resident Evil... terrifying.

My most scary moment was that case of vertigo I got when playing Mirror's Edge. I had to stop and play some Left 4 Dead to calm down.

any of the resident evil zombies scare me

game over in the beginning(lost coins)

Dealing with Regret after it is infected by the Flood in Halo 2.

Encountering the Licker in Resident Evil 2 for the very first time.

Playing the first Dead Space game was my most scariest moment in gaming.

Silent Hill scared the heck out of me.

Running away from that Nemesis Tyrant in Resident Evil 3

Fighting those crazy chainsaw zombies from Resident Evil 4!

Silent Hill is one my favorite horror games. Nothing compares to your first scares and Silent Hill will always have that piece of my gaming heart!

would so love to win this it looks amazing

Just getting to play Franke West in COOP mode

Back in the PS1 days with Resident Evil and Silent HIll

Running out of ammo in Dead Space

Trying to maneuver through Halo

hope you have international giveaway next time...

watching my son shoot people in Modern Warfare

This would be great to win, thank you for the opportunity, liked and shared

Tomb Raider, when I went in the ocean and the sharks came after me, I threw the controller up in the air it scared me so bad! lol

This is going to sound hilarious to some people, but mine is recent. I had purchased a recent Humble Indie Bundle, and when I played Closure for the first time I made the mistake of playing it when I was alone and in the dark. That launch audio freaked me out really bad! Honestly I even laughed at myself cuz of the reaction, as it really was quite hilarious how I reacted. Good thing I didn't need to pee when it happened, lol!

Playing DDO. There is this spot where you have to climb up rocks and teeter on edges and if you move the wrong way you fall off and die. I was always scared during those jumps.

So did my comment just not get approved or something? Just wondering since it hasn't shown up yet. I know Disqus has had issues with such things lately elsewhere, so that could be it too I suppose.

Most scary moment in gaming? Oddly enough, playing the indie game Rhem. The game was so empty and quiet that I was sure something was going to jump out at me at every turn....even though nothing ever did

Bioshock in Dandy Dental, you go to pick up a plasmid upgrade and suddenly the screen frosts over. When you turn around, there's a splicer there. First time I played through it threw the controller.

The First Resident Evil! I had nightmares lol!

My scariest moment in gaming will always be when the music started playing in Project Firestart for the C64. Most of the game was played in silence. As soon as the music started blasting, you knew you were seconds away from alien-ambush-induced death. Also, the developers *really* didn't like you to carry any meaningful quantities of ammo. You're almost always out of ammo.

Ending cinematic of Dead Space 1

I love the Big Daddy moments in Bio Shock.

Lisa Garner

Being trapped in a room with a zombie with no tools to defend myself - very scary.

I remember that! That was a definitely a "WTF" moment for me! lol

Hey there Ronald. Your comment is approved. I just had many to sort through before I got to yours.

lmao!! I saw that humble bundle but I didn't get around to purchasing it. I wanted to play Closure since I heard it's a pretty good one.

Thanks bro, now too bad I didn't win, lol. Grats to Travis on the awesome win though. :)

OMG! It's awesome!!! It was like anxiety attack after anxiety attack, lol.

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