Friday, January 11, 2013

Chuck Norris is a Pokemon Expert

I was going to say Batman too, Mr. Chuck Norris!  Really, I was!  


I don't understand the joke...

Holy snap! I didn't know that.. for the past more than 10 years that i've watching Pokemon! Holy! What the! (>_<)

I guess because at first chuck thinks it's batman, then he looks at it sternly, then it becomes batman..

Betty, it's an internet joke that Chuck Norris is never wrong about anything and is greatly feared by everyone and everything. When he gave that stern look, the show changed the answer to make sure Chuck Norris is right. lol

Once you explain a joke it's not funny any more....

:P well.. it's obviously a joke. But honestly, i really don't know him but i always came across his name anywhere..

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