Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Giveaway at Film Book

Hey there friends.  I saw The Hunger Games film not too long ago and even though I hear that the book is superior to the film, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.  It may be the fact that I love competition and a competition to the death is right up my alley.  When I get a chance, I plan on reading the books.  Because I'm a Kindle Fire owner, I have access to the borrowing library at the Amazon book store.  It's great, I can borrow a book a month.  I grabbed The Hunger Games and my 11 year old daughter blazed right throught it!  She's already finished Catching Fire and is now reading Mocking Jay.  I guess these books are the real deal!  Anyways, our good friends at Film Book are offering The Hunger Games on Blu Ray.  The giveaway will run from now until Oct. 21st.  3 winners will be selected to receive their own copy of the The Hunger Games on Blu Ray shortly after that!  You can enter the giveaway by using the widget below.  You can also score additional entries and reading all the terms and conditions in the original post.

So tell me, which one of the 3 books is your favorite?  Or are you waiting to catch the story in movie theaters?  Later!
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I love the 3 books.. but the first 2 i much preferred! The last book was so much devastating because lots of characters died! Anyways, i love the movie too! Can't wait for the next 2 movies! Good luck to all!

My daught would love for me to win this movie.

I love all the books, but the 1st one holds a special place for me. I also think that the third book was very rushed. I am glad to hear that the third book will be made into two movies.

I have not yet read the books, but I did enjoy the movie!

I watched the show, but didn't read the books. I can't wait for the next one to come out!

i haven't read the books yet but i can't wait to get started!

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