Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Google Adsense Account Disabled

Hey there.  When I first started this blog many moons ago, I looked around for ways to earn a few extra bucks from it.  I remember getting my feet wet in programs like ProjectWonderful and CMF ads.  When I learned that it could all be so easy if I just signed up with Google AdSense, I did and it was great.  I remember earning close to $30 my first month and I was pretty excited about that.  I told myself that my blog is still a nobody site and if I were to have better than decent traffic, my Google AdSense earnings would multiply!  Then... just like that, my account was disabled.  WHAT!?!?!?!  I was extremely disappointed.  I appealed but I got nowhere.  And the worst part is that they do not offer you an explanation.  They simply state that they cannot provide any details at this moment.  I do not like that answer.  If there is something wrong, whether it's my fault or not, I would like to know!  How else am I going to fix the problem?  Do I have offensive material on my site?  Did an inappropriate ad display on my site?  Were there invalid clicks?  Tell me what was/is the problem?!?!  I never found out.  Fast forward close to 5 years later and I reapplied for Google AdSense.  After another site review, I was accepted!  Oh happy days are upon us!!!  Then... 2 days later, my account was suspended...  AGAIN!  WHAT!?!  And again, for reasons unknown.  What really upset me this time around, though, was that my site was reviewed and got the OK from Google Adsense a mere 2 days BEFORE being disabled!  If there was something wrong with my site, why would they OK it only to disable it a mere 2 days later???

If there was invalid activity or anything of that sort, I would like to have ways of preventing it.  It seems a little unfair, though, that my account could be disabled for something that I have no control over.  I do not promote ad clicking what so ever and something tells me that wasn't it the reason my account would be disabled.  2 clicks in a span of 3 days and earnings of $2.35 doesn't seem to warrant any red flags from Google AdSense.  At least that's how I see it.

I also looks at the ads that I am currently displaying and I don't see anything that would be deemed as offensive.  I have practically removed all advertising on my site, except for the Spartan Race Ads and the IZEA Media Ads that I run.  I know that there was a problem with IZEA some time ago but that has been taken care of and unless muddy people are offensive, I don't see why the Spartan Race ads would be a cause for concern.

The last thing that I could think of was content.  Do I not have enough content on my site?  This is not a "junk" site, as I have read in the Google AdSense Policies and Procedures.  I have giveaways, reviews, opinions, and some laughs every Friday.  I think that my audience is engaging enough where comments are left and I have met new friends through those means.  I'm almost certain that my account wouldn't be disabled due to inactivity.

So what else could it be?  Could it be that Google just doesn't want to pay out and uses this mysterious means of disabling accounts as a way to cut down the number of accounts?  It can be the most frustrating thing since you get no warning at all.  One day, you're displaying ads and feeling good about your website and the next thing you know, the ads are not displaying and you receive an Email from Google AdSense disabling your account.  I would prefer to receive a warning Email telling me was detected.  You don't want to pay me for the day or two of what you claim to be suspicious activity, fine.  I'll take that.  I would rather have that than to get the silent treatment from Google.  At least I'll know what the problem is and I won't get paid until it's taken care of.  Disabling accounts without a clear cut reason leaves us to our imagination and when I, as a blogger, feel that I am doing things right and my Google AdSense account will STILL get disabled, my imagination is starting to give Google some dirty looks.  

I've been without Google AdSense for years, I don't need it on my blog, but it would be nice to have the top dog in advertising displaying their ads on your site.  There are others out there that are not as good, but I know I won't have my account disabled for phantom reasons.  Have you guys ever had your Google AdSense account disabled?  If so, did you manage to get them to reinstate it?  I've appealed their decision and am still waiting to hear back but after 2 days, I have not received a response.  Later!


I am so wooried about this because I hear of this happening frequently with other bloggers....they dont know why either everyone just speculates. IZEA ads may be the issue still since the one I am currently looking at on here looks like a google ad and adsense has this rule : Respect Google trademarks.
Framing or mimicking Google pages is strictly prohibited by our Guidelines for Use of Google Brand Features. In addition, publishers may not use any Google Brand Features such as Google trademarks, logos, webpages, or screenshots, without prior consent from Google.
I am sorry you are having to deal with this - I dont look forward to the day I make the Google Gods mad :(

Hey there Natasha. I know what you mean! I've tried to appease the Google Gods but I am not so sure why they are angry with me. It could be the IZEA Ads.. but I doubt it since I know others that are displaying both. If they start to get their accounts disabled, then we'll have to rethink displaying those IZEA ads. Hope you NEVER have to go through this, Natasha!!!

That sucks. This is a great site and you deserve to get the ad revenue. Them not telling you why they disabled your account is pretty suspicious and dirty, how can they not know?! It's as if you did nothing wrong, so they pretend they don't why it was disabled.

Frankly, this kinda turns me away from Google. They're a big, well known site and they're handling this like some new amateur site. They should be more professional.

I hope so too.... I hate the fact that they can stop your account - keep anything you have earned and not tell you why!

What a very disappointing thing to hear. I haven't tried this way of earning and would love to try, but hearing this without any explanation sucks! I hope they have provide an explanation for this. But it's already 5 years you say so maybe forget about it and find another way if there is.

have not had google adsense, but it sounds like it would be good.

Hey there Christian. Yeah, I haven't bothered with Google AdSense since I created this blog and I can do without it, but man... would I love to have those ads displayed here. They pay very well and are extremely picky about the sites that they allow their ads to run on. Having Google AdSense in a way is showing the world that you've, "made it."

yeah I've heard of this problem and it sucks donkey balls. THey really should tell you or at least let you appeal and then tell you.

Yup (nodding head in agreement with thewolfkin) it does. They disabled mine a couple years ago as well and refuse to allow me to reinstate it and won't tell me why either. I didn't click on any of the links, I have decent content...a little lacking in comments but hopefully that will change soon. I just said 'eff 'em' ... if they don't want me then I don't want THEM.

Hey there Kim! I've already moved on. If they allow to display ads, great, if not, so what. I've already been without them for years so it's not like I need them. It would be nice though to have them on my side, but eh... not going to cry about it. lol

Yep dude ... that's what I said. Would be nice, but there are other sites out there as well so no use crying over it. It's their loss not having us . . not the other way around. They don't know good chit when they got it!

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