Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Photo a Day - What You Wore Today

Hey there.  Today was beach day!  We got up all early and headed to the beach for a fun filled day of fun in the sun.  So what did I wear today?  Practically nothing.  Just my do it all black shorts and instead of taking sandals, I wore my awesome Raiders slippers.  Yup, I'm cool like that.  And that hottie sun bathing in the background?  My awesome wife.  Few fewwwwwwwwwwww!  I looooooove beach day!  lol  Later!


Lucky!!!!! I would kill to be on the beach right now! I stayed in my pj's and did school work all day and into the night apparently... o_O

Hey there Jenn! We have days like that too. We usually call those, "We're not going to do sh*t day." Lol. Minus the school work, of course.

Very interesting...hmmm perhaps if I got dressed, I'd be more productive in my school work at home lol

My day 2 -

lol. Cool photo! Can't wait for summer again to go to the beach and take in the sun. :)

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