Monday, August 27, 2012

Dead Island Game of the Year Edition Giveaway

Hey there.  I was wondering whether or not to go with another game or a movie for this giveaway.  A single vote decided the outcome.  lol  Yeah.  1 vote.  I guess we're not all that fond of polls.  lol  Anyways, I gave away Dead Island some time ago and that giveaway went fairly well.  This time around, it should be better.  Not only are you getting the critically acclaimed game, Dead Island, but you're also getting the Game of the Year Edition.  That means you'll be getting all kinds of extra goodies which include 3 DLC packs!  How awesome is that?!

The giveaway will run from now until Sept. 24th and the winner will be announced on the 25th.  Game will be available to US friends only and you will get to choose between the Xbox 360 version or the PS3 version.  Sorry international friends.  A $15 Amazon giftcard is up for grabs for all our international friends.  If the winner is from the States, they too have the option for the giftcard if they already own the game.  Best of luck!!!  Later!!!

This giveaway is brought to you in part from our awesome friends at Just a Dash of Geek.  If you love your geek with a small of cup of crazy, than this site is definitely for you.  lol  The awesome admin there posts giveaways, movies, polls, and all things geek.  Make sure to check it out and let them know that Metallman sent ya!
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You can score Dead Island Game of the Year Edition on Amazon for the awesome price of:


Army of Darkness. Can't stop laughing through that one. Although Return of the Living Dead works simply for the appearance of Linnea Quigley.

I've wanted to try this game, but since I've heard mixed things about it I've always been kinda weary about buying it. Winning it would definitely be a good way to try it though!

Hey there Abdominous. I love the classic Dawn of the Dead!

Hey there Bruce. Army of Darkness will always hold a special place in my heart. That film is epic on so many levels!

Hey there Devin. I know that feeling. That's why I started giving games away in the first place! It was one of those deals where I wanted a game but didn't want to pay for it and that sparked the whole giveaway thing on my site. Lol

That's awesome! I just recently found out about the site through another giveaway, but I'm liking some of the other content as well. Keep up the good work!

Oh, and my favorite zombie movie would probably have to be the first Resident Evil movie, as it may be the only zombie movie I've actually seen. I generally don't watch many movies, as I'm more of a TV guy (if we we could go with that as well then I'd definitely go with The Walking Dead).

Zombieland, even if its fanbase is mostly teenage dumbasses.

Resident Evil is my favorite Zombie Flick

i wanted to try this game but was not sure

Hey there Gram. Yeah, I agree with the teenage dumbass thing... but the reason Zombieland works is because we all were once a teenage dumbass too. lol

my favorite zombie film is return of the living dead

My favorite zombie film is probably Shaun of the Dead because it has fun with all the zombie scenarios we love.

does 28 days later count? they're basically zombies. damn now i wanna watch it

The first Resident Evil movie (I haven't yet watched the rest of them)

thanks! I'd say zombieland

The original Night of the Living Dead is my favorite.

Shaun of the dead, Fersure.

My favorite zombie flic would have to be Shaun of the Dead

night of the living dead of course

My favorite Zombie Flick is Dawn of the Dead!


I like Shaun of the dead.
Thanks for the chance.

Evil Dead. Bruce Campells my favorite actor and is the b Movie king!

My favorite is definitely Zombieland

zombieland is my favorite. and the resident evil series.

The original 1978 Dawn Of The doesn't get better than that!

I cannot think of any movies but I love the walking dead

I'll have to go with Zombieland on this one :) Woody Harrelson! Zombie Bill Murray! Too awesome :)

Dead, Dead, Dead Island. Yeah that looks like a cool game. Count me in

My favorite zombie movie is I Am Legend

Hey there Skywatcher. I am Legend is a good movie and even better book. Good luck!

Hey there Allan. I love that movie! One of my personal favorites! Good luck!!!

Zombieland is a probably the most fun to watch. So I'll have to go with that. I also enjoy the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness series, 28 X Later series, The Walking Dead series, Highschool of the Dead series, and everything by George A. Romero.

As for video games, I'm a huge fan of the Left 4 Dead series which I still play often on Steam, plus all the zombie-related Half-Life 2: Source mods like No More Room In Hell and Zombie Panic: Source. Oh yeah, and of course the Resident Evil series, The House of the Dead series, Plants vs. Zombies, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

// Roth

My favorite is Dawn of the Dead.

It might be what everyone is picking, but I'm going with Shaun of the Dead. Easily one of the funniest movies ever and they did the horror/zombie part perfect.

I really liked 28 days later And am currently watching The walking dead.Super cool!!!

fave zombie flick is 28 days later (but not the sequel)

Probably very typical, but I LOVE Zombieland

2 of my many favorite zombie films, "Resident Evil" (all of them) & "The Crazies" w/Timothy Olyphant.

Hey there Anatidae! The Crazies got some crap but you know what... I enjoyed that movie as well. Good luck!

Love zombie games. Would enjoy this version for my 360. As for zombie movies, the classic Dawn of the Dead

Yeah imo, very entertaining film, excellent casting with Timothy & Rahda, love both. The 1973 version was tough to watch, only because of the video quality of VHS tapes.

1990 George Ramero version of Night of the Living Dead

annabella @ centurytel dot net

the original dawn of the dead

Shaun of the Dead


my favorite is night of the living dead, it's a classic!

I love night of the living dead

My favorite zombie movie was just called "Zombie".

Resident evil was my favorite zombie flick

My favorite is dawn of the dead.

umm,don't like zombie flicks. Thanks for the contest.

Night of the Living Dead Most terrifying

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