Monday, April 2, 2012

Enter to Win a Brand New 16 Gig iPad 3

Hey there. Who here wants to score a brand new iPad 3!?!?! Dragonblogger and a group of online buddies (Craving Tech, Trending Poetry, and myself) got together to give you readers and fans the opportunity to nab one of the top new tech items of 2012! Apple recently released the 3 gen iPad and it is one beautifully crafted machine.  With a A5x quad core processor, retina display 2048×1536 resolution, and a 5 MP camera, this is a huge improvement over the iPad 2... and you can enter to win here, on Metallman's Reverie!

The prize is a 16 Gig Wifi Only iPad 3 and it's already in the possession of the Dragonblogger himself, so there will be no waiting for Apple to ship it to you or pre-ordered or anything of that sort. Once the winner is chosen and confirmed, it will be mailed out 2 day air! This contest is hosted by Rafflecopter and kicks off on April 1st and will end on May 31th 2012. This contest is open Internationally but International residents will be required to pay for shipping and handling. If you live in the continental U.S. then I will pay for the shipping. You can click on the banner above for complete details.

So tell me, what would you use the iPad 3 for?  Good luck!  Later!
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I'd love to have an ipad3 to use to surf the web, play my music on, play games and read books.  I travel often by train to visit with my Dad.  The train ride is 17 hrs. each way and having an ipad3 would help make that train ride go quicker for my family and I.  Thanks so much for this great giveaway

Hey there Margie! Yup, an iPad 3 would be perfect for those lonmg train rides. Good luck!

Even though I am not partial to Apple Products, I wouldn't mind winning 1 for FREE! lol

Lmao! I don't own any Apple products myself (except an iPod) but I know that people can go crazy over the latest tech from Apple! Good luck, Jenn!!!

My house owns way too many Apple products now (2 iPad's, 2 iPod touches and now an iPhone 4S)

I am not the biggest fan of Apple but am a big fan of giveaways. I'd use this for reading e-books, music, and entering more giveaways!

Thanks for the great giveaway.

It would definately be sweet to finally get a tablet and for it to be an IPAD 3 even more awesome i would be able to do all the stuff that everyone else does on their Iphones and be able to keep myself occupied with movies games and web browsing on the go and on long boring trips <3<3<3 Thanks for the chance 

Yeah given how much trouble it is to keep my two laptops online. My Macbook is so old the battery is completely dead and my new windows machine blue screens every 25-60 minutes when I'm using it. an iPad would mean I could actually browse the web as I tend to need to do and maybe use it without fear

I would love to have an ipad3 to use to surf the web, play music on, get my emails, play games and read books.  I don't have an Ipad so this would be great to own.

i have never owned a tablet of any kind.  I am envious of what my kids can do on ipod touch and iphone and would so love to be able to connect like the rest of the people in my generation :)

I would use it to stay connected while on the go and to read, play games and watch movies.

I'd use this for myself to bring myself into current tech age since I don't even own a smart phone!

Oh man... That's like saying you're going from VCR to Blu-Ray! Lol good luck, my friend!

I want this Ipad because if I win it then it would be my first Ipad ever as what I will use it for mostly games and movies.

I would use it for college next year

I've never had an Ipad or even an Ipod touch and they look pretty cool. I would use it for tweeting and web surfing while out of the house and games mainly.

I would do everything on it! Browse the web, play games, watch videos, read books, and everything else the ipad could do! It would be a huge upgrade from an ipod touch!

I would probably just use it for games or internet while sitting on my couch. Or i would use it for games when on the road.  Nothing too exciting.

probably give it to my parents, they need a tablet

Use it to enter more contests and win more prizes :p

I would use it to be That Guy who takes pictures with an iPad.

like to run some apps and to stay up to date

I want an iPad so I can check my email and surf the net when traveling.  Plus to play some games when I'm sitting in airports!

abfantom at yahoo dot com 

I need an ipad to read my books for class =[

 I need an iPad so I can share that photos I take the way they're meant to be seen -- with the new retina display!

SithusX at gmail dot com

I could use this a ton for productive things like goofing off, games, and social media. I guess I could also use this for work too. :) Great contest! Thanks!

I'd give it to my girlfriend.  She really needs a tablet for college! Better than a bulky laptop, right!?

Aww, so thoughtful Frank! Lol the only thing I could never get used to on a tablet is typing. It just doesn't feel right.

I love my iPod Touch and would love the opportunity to have an iPad to be able to use even more. A tablet like an iPad would be so useful for me.

I want to win because I have never owned an iPad of ANY generation and would LOVE to give this new iPad a great home!  Plus .... I could do so much more on an iPad than my teeny tiny iPod!
kitty32504 at cox dot net

I want to use it to read comics!  Lots and lots of comics!

I want it because i never owned or used one and i want it really bad!

Would LOVE to win so I can blog on the go!
aeris321 at gmail dot com

my iPod touch just died and this would be a perfect replacement! max Payne comes out so soon for ios too...

I will use it to be extra geeky when I meet with my table top RPG buddies.

I'd love to use the iPad for photo editing, it'd be so much more convenient!

I'm a medical student about to enter the hospital rotations.  There are some fantastic medical apps for the iPad, including recording of heart sounds, access to medical journals, medical calculators, etc.  It would be a real help!

i wanna use the iPad for Djing, gaming, and school. It'd improve my life overall.

To make a video displaying my adventures of traveling around the world

I would like to give it to my son who uses it for games when he is with his children

My computer is over 5 yrs old and really slow plus it is small and light and very portable

I'm not really an iPerson.  This would give me a chance to perhaps change my opinion.

I'm not really an iPerson.  This would give me an opportunity to change my ways.

The rafflecopter widget didn't load? I'll check it out right away.

I would play Swords & Sworcery EP on it \:D/

I want one because i've never had one and they look soooo cool! I would use it to go online and read the blogs and my FB and email and shop and read and just about everything! It would sure make the fact that my HD is dying on my pc less stressfull!

Would like to have a new one because my grandson has pretty well taken over my daughter's iPad that she got for school work, and this would ease things a lot!

I would like to explore all of the new features of the iPad.  I will post a blog comment to win one, LOL.  Thanks!

I would be able to take it everywhere we went and not stuck at home on the desktop.I would be in heaven if I won!Thanks

I want an iPad 3rd because I pretty much never stop reading stuff and I need something more portable than a notebook. 

I could use an iPad 3 so I can watch my videos at my dining table.

I am interested in winning this for my wife, who would use it daily.

I would love an Ipad for travel use and college 

I want an Ipad to use in my classroom to engage kids while learning and introduce them to the new technology we have! It is amazing what technology can do now and I believe it's important to introduce kids to it! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

I use desk top at home, this would be great when I am away. 

 I'd like to have an Ipad to hear much music, and see a lot of videoclips. ;)

I would use it at my college in class and during breaks because carrying my heavy book(s) with my heavy laptop hurts.

Winning the new iPad would be awesome.

I want this because it will be easier to use than my smartphone. Thanks for the gveaway.


Never had a opportunity to use any of these great Apple devices only see them in TV and Internet - Very expensive in my country - winning one would be an absolute dream come true!

I would use it to entertain myself and my new bundle of joy. mommy-daughter education time!!

I would use the iPad to entertain and educate myself and my daughter. mommy-daughter edutainment

 I would use it at my college in class

I would use it to play games of course!

My husbands birthday is coming up soon and this is something that he wants but we can't afford! It would be awesome to win this as an early birthday present!

I recently lost my job and my 2 1/2 year old son keeps asking for the iPad that I had to give back to work. I would give it to him.

I don't have one but I think it would be useful

i would use it as my GENIE IN A BOTTLE!!

I wanna win because I don't have the Dollars to buy my own but good luck and great wishes to everyone

I would love to have this for many things including watching movies and travel.

I want it to be able to use when we travel, even a regular laptop is too bulky sometimes and this would come in handy.

bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

I want an Ipad because I need something when I commute to my work. I want to be able to read the news and follow facebook and twitter.

I want one because I have wanted one for so long, and I'd use it to help with school work!


Thanks for the great giveaway offering! I would love to win this iPad! It'd be great to have while traveling for business!

Good Luck to all in the giveaway drawing!

I would love to be able to watch movies and check email when traveling.

I want to win this for my son. He has Autism and is non-verbal. He communicates what he wants/needs through his PC. That is fine for at home.  I saw a segment on 20/20 where the iPads really helped with communications in special needs children so I think this would help so much when we are not at home. Thanks for this chance!

I've always wanted an ipad because I have heard nothing but good about apple products. The ipad 3rd generation has some great improvements over the previous models and I would use it for photography, face time, and social sites as well as anything I would be able to accomplish using the ipad.

 I love to have an ipad to read on and watch movies.

I want to win one so I can have it for school and road trips.

If I am lucky enough to win, the iPad would be for the entire family. I know there are so many apps for our kids as well as us.


I have wanted an ipad for so long - I just can't afford one right now. This would be great!
msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

I want to win this to be able to do better in school. Instead of having to wait to use the computers at school because there are always kids waiting for the computers at school.

I always wanted one but no cash to get one. Thanks.

I just fried my PC.  Maybe it's a good time to get an ipad.

I have wanted to get my husband one for some time now. This would be a perfect surprise for both
willdebbie97 at yahoo dot com

To enter more giveaways and play games on it

I would love to have this for work.

fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

I would use it for college and for the kids on our long weekend trips to see family.

I want to win this for my husband for Father's Day from the kids. He has been wanting one for some time but we just can't afford one right now.

My daughter needs one for school no idea how she is going to get one 

I'll be able to get away from my desktop computer and go out in the world.
Thanks for the contest.

I would use it for everything I could.

I want an iPad 3 because I think they are really cool and they are fun to mess around with!

I travel a lot and lugging around an ipad is easier than carrying a laptop.

I don"t have an ipad and covet everone else s. I would enter all your contest with it. Oooh la la 

I want an iPad because it would help me stay organized and informed on the go.

I would use it in hotel rooms when I am away on one of my many business trips

love to win to give as a present to grandaughter

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