Monday, March 26, 2012

Kingston SSDNow V+200 SSD Drive Giveaway

Hey there.  Who here needs an affordable computer upgrade?  Our good friend at Dragonblogger has just what you need!  A Kingston SSDNow V+200 SSD Drive!  Our good friends at Kingston have provided Justin  the drive for review and to giveaway!  You can read up on all the specs and his in depth review in this post...  but you can enter the giveaway right here on Metallman's Reverie!!!  

Make sure to drop by for all things tech and tell em that Metallman sent ya!  lol  Good luck!!!
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I want the Kingston V200 SSD so I can speed up my horrible load times on my comp!

Yeah, I hear ya! My comp is one of those 'turn on and walk away until it's ready' models. Lol. Good luck!

I'd like to win because I want my PC to be quieter.  I don't need gobs and gobs of storage space and I want my PC to be as energy efficient, fast, and quiet as possible.  SSDs helf achieve all of those things and much more (boot up and program load time, reliability, etc).
-Mike S.

I want to win for the exact same reason Brain does. To speed up the comupter I have right now. Thanks for this opportunity!

I want it so I can put windows 7 on it  so my computer can boot up quicker.Then I'll use my internal hard drive for everything else.So that I don't have to wait forever for my computer to boot up!

I want the HD because it being an SSD I would never have to worry about a disc burning out or any such mechanical malfunctions. It really is a state of the art drive and I'd use it for such things as storing family photos and videos because I've had an old HD fry on me and I lost five years of photos and videos. I don't want that to happen again.

I need to back up everything I have and I have no way to do it. My HD is failing every test and i'm getting the blue screen of death on a weekly basis at least so I really really need to win :-)

I want to gift it to a friend who has been wanting one!

 I've filled up my hard drive with photos, home videos and iTunes.  I need to move these files off of the hard drive

abfantom at yahoo dot com

I would upload all my files to it .

I would install Windows 7 on my first SSD, then get my Steam games running on it asap!

I'd love to have all that speed.

Would be a great storage drive for upgrading my gaming computer I built...I only have a 40gb, would be a good addition for speed.

I would love it with all my heart!

My computer is too slow.
Thanks for the contest.

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