Thursday, February 16, 2012

White Knight Chronicles 2 PS3 Game Giveaway

Who is ready for the next giveaway!?!  Enter below for your chance to score White Knight Chronicles 2 for the PS3!  Here's the game's description:

From Japan's top developer Level 5 come an epic high production RPG with stunning visuals and over 30 hours of original gameplay. This follow up to the original White Knight Chronicles includes new features fans demanded and the return of its signature combination of single and multiplayer role playing. Experience the thrilling finale to the epic battle between light and darkness and awaken to your true calling as you unlock the true powers of the Incorruptus, a giant powerful knight from the ancient Dogma wars.

Hurry!  It's a short month.  Winner to be announced on March 1st!

This giveaway was made possible in part by donations from the following awesome people:
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Aww yea, it's my turn to try and win!

Oops forgot to say my favorite RPG. It would have to be Dragon Age.

Can you believe that I have NOT tried Dragon Age yet?!?!

Ultima 7 of all time, Dragon Age most recently.

Fallout 3, Skyrim might beat it soon though

 Wow dude, you are missing out! lol

I know! I've been told its great but I just can't schedule it in!

Super Mario RPG. No random battles. Cool characters. Great story. Awesome weapons. Bowser joins your team. It is an all around amazing game and it still hold up by today's standards.

Legend of the 7 Stars! I played that one and it was a great game. One of the few, if only, true Mario RPG in existence.

Final Fantasy Crisis Core....or 7 or 8. Honestly it's hard to choose haha.

FF has it's fair share of great RPGs!

The Elder Scroll 1V: Skyrim is my favorite RPG, currently...honestly, it tends to be whatever I'm currently playing (or I would stop playing).

I suppose it depends upon the definition of 'RPG', but Mass Effect 2 is probably the best I've played so far.

I suppose it depends upon the definition of 'RPG', but Mass Effect 2 is probably the best I've played so far.

I'd have to say one of my favorite somewhat recent games was Dragon Age II. The story wasn't too long or short, pulled me in quick, and I couldn't put the game down til I was done with it. I'm interested to check out more about this game here.

Thanks for the giveaway :)

I have WKC and beat it. Wish I had a robot to play online for me so I can get the HOME costume. <.<' (Would require a disgusting amount of work) Would love the chance to be able to finish the story for free. lol

I'm not a gamer so I have no best RPG game. Just trying to win for my son :-)

Fair enough! Best of luck to you, Trasina!

The best RPG game I have ever played would have to be the original Legend of Zelda.
Thanks for the

That was a great game. Loved it!!!

mhm :3 tough choice... lol either skyrim or final fantasy ... any of them lmfao

Of the RPGs I played I have to say Mass Effect 2 is my favorite for console & it's between Final Fantasy Crisis Core & Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for the PSP as my favorite handheld game. --John W.

Pokemon - Sapphire Edition.

Favorite... ehhh, nothing beats the nostalgia I feel for SNES's FFII.  However I probably put the most time into WKC1 at around 500 hours.

Wow! 500 hours! The most I had on a RPG was on FFVII! I think I had close to 150 hours!

I'd probably have to say Megaman X, it was so amazing!

still is and always will be final fantasy vi. so many memorable scenes, music and characters

always will be ffvi.  memorable characters, music and scenes

Vivi, Steiner, Zidane... That was a great one as well.

 My favorite in memory would have to be Morrowind, but Skyrim is filling the bill quite nicely. Dragon Age was another I quite loved, as is Lost Odyssey.

thanks for the contest.. always wanted to play WNC. Best RPG I've played was pokemon Blue

Chrono Trigger is and will be the best RPG of all time.

Oh man, I've played so many good RPGs it is impossible to pick just one.

These aren't in order, but my votes are Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout, Fable, Pokemon, and more that I'm not going to bother mentioning.

Out of the above ones, I'm going to have to say Pokemon, just for sentimental value.

I think the best RPG I have ever played is Mass Effect 3 (:

Lots of great rpgs. Final Fantasy series of course. western rpgs would be Fallout  series i think

Best RPG I've played? Probably Final Fantasy X..always replaying :P

That was a great one. I was never able to beat the final boss in the monster arena. I should go back and get it done!

Rented and liked the first game, thanks for the contest!

Oh, and best RPG I've played?  Planescape Torment

Legend of Zelda, orginal
leenburke at yahoo dot com

The best RPG I ever played was probably Chrono Cross.

Oops forgot to say my favorite RPG. It would have to be Dragon Age.

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