Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finding the Time to Update Your Blog

Hey there.  There simply is not enough time in the day for a blogger to write all that goes on in their heads.  How do the pros do it?  I have ideas, I have thoughts, I have reviews, I have giveaways, I have poetry, I have randomness...  The thing I don't have?  Time.  How am I to get it all down?  By the time I have a chance to breathe and finally get a chance to post, some of those ideas have withered away or have gone with the wind.  Maybe if I had some sort of portable device?  Any suggestions?  Blogging friends, how do you guys do it?  Do you spend hours in front of your computer to write content for the week or are you more like me and spend an hour at a time (or whatever time permitted) or so for a single post?

What if you guys just followed me around and write the posts for me?


I keep a composition notebook with me wherever I go. I jot down the ideas for poems and stories and just keep them until I am out of fresh ideas, then pull from my notes. Also, keep pens everywhere! Oftentimes, I write on the palm of my hands and arms when I am out of paper. Since I write a lot of ghost articles for other sites--I have less time to publish on my own. I think I am starting to narrow down a focus now. Giving myself two weeks and regain my primary focus for articles on DB. Just so much to catch up with. But as long as you keep pen and paper--write, write, and write some more! Or, we can invent a time machine so we can scoop up those minutes we lost during the day. I am certain those would add up quick!

Hey there AIDY!  I think that carrying a composition book may be difficult for me.  Since I'm usually on the move, I can't really sit and write stuff down.  Thinking about it... I think I'll need something mobile.  Maybe a more blogging friendly phone or some kind of mobile notepad.  I think that will work best for me.  But... if you decide to get to making that time machine, count me in!  I soooo want that to happen.  lol  

Yeah, I hear ya!  I've been wanting to get all kinds of posts done and just haven't been able to.  I usually have to carve the time right then and there and then move on.  I'll find a way around it though.  One day, I will.  lol

haha sadly, I'm more like you and do single posts at a time. I get sidetracked by other things going on that I cannot focus and write a weeks worth of posts all in one sitting.

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