Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review the Web Host Before Buying

Hey there.  Some of you already know that I've been looking for a fair price web hosting agent for quite sometime now.  The only thing holding me back is change.  It's the same reason why I haven't really pressed for a new blog lay out, a new blog logo, or a new blog host.  I'm comfortable with what I have but I know that I need an upgrade.  I have many blog friends with several different web hosting agents and each has their pros and cons about them.  I don't ask for much, I just need to make sure it works.  I don't want to deal with outages and interruptions in service because my web host is having issues.  I need to make sure that what I go with I am comfortable with.  This is why I strongly suggest you review the services thoroughly.

A quick look through a web hosting ranking site like should be more than enough to get you a good idea of what they offer and what's best for you.  Low price?  Check.  Domain based Emails?  Check.  24 hr tech support?  Check.  There are many features that you can check off while browsing and you can read customer reviews so that you know exactly the web host is treating them.  As of right now, Web Hosting Hub is rated as the #1 web hosting agent out there.  With over 70 customer reviews and majority of them rating Web Hosting Hub with 5 star service, I can see why it's rating above the rest.

I want to take that leap, but I feel like I need to get the logo and the layout squared away before I do.  My blog is still a little known entity in the blogosphere and I would like to create a name for myself BEFORE I take on a paid hosting.  Make sure to do your homework before jumping on any offer that may sound good.  Web hosting is just as important as the content on your site.  If the hosting is down, your thoughts cannot be conveyed!  So tell me, which of the many web hosting agents have you heard of or thought of using?  Let me know!  Later!

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