Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing the Pillow Pet

Hulk, Ultimate Warrior, and The Million Dollar Man, Oh yeaaaaah!
Hey there.  I know these things have been hanging around for quite some time but I've never really jumped on the craze.  Turns out that pillow pets are pillows in the shape of animals.  I guess the pillow pets of my era where the WWF (or WWE now a days...) Pillow Buddies.  Those were pretty cool.  They were pillows that looked like your favorite wrestlers and well... you would wrestle with them.  I guess kids these days would prefer hugable pillows instead of bear hugable pillows.  lol

Anyways, my wife has been on me to get a pillow pet for our youngest son.  The young man is pretty straight forward with his love for pillows.  He'll take our bed pillows and couch pillows and make himself a bed out of them to lie down on.  My wife figures that a pillow pet will take his attention off those pillows and will focus it on his own pillow pet.  Unless I can find the Wrestling Pillow Buddies, I don't think it's going to happen for my young one.  But did I mention that my young one is also innovative?  Since he doesn't have a pillow pet, he went out and got his own pillow pet.  Check out my son with his newly appointed pillow pet.  lol  Later!
Ok... Ok...  I'll look for one on Amazon right away!!!

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