Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pop Up Video Returns This Fall on VH1

Hey there.  Remember back in the days when music channels actually played music videos?  lol  I'll admit that I find myself more and more distant from today's up and coming music artists than I did over a decade ago.  Top 10 vidoe shows actually played the full video.  Now a days, top 10 video shows has a 10 second clip of the video and then 5 minutes of an interview or the host doing something stupid.  I just can't watch it anymore, so I don't.  But something that I do watch, whenever I stumble across it, is VH1's Pop Up Video show.  Do you remember that?  They actually played the video, from beginning to end, and they would "pop up" little factoids about the artist or song.  I thought it was extremely entertaining.  Especially for someone like me who goes and checks out the trivia section on IMDB as soon as I'm done watching a movie.  lol  I'm just quirkly like that.

Anyways, VH1 recently announced that they're bringing Pop Up Video back!  How awesome is that?  The reinvention of music television as we know it, friends!  Full length videos are back!  lol  It's going to feature some of the new artists so they'll be brand new facts to learn and whole new set of artists to discover.  I, for one, am actually looking forward to it.  They don't discriminate what kind of video they decide to "pop" so you'll get a wide array of musical acts.  AND...  it's current music so I'll be more in tune with what's going on with today's music.  I'll be able to have intelligent conversations with my daughters about their music again!  lol

So what do you think of the announcement?  A little too late or will it help bring back the dying music video?  Did you enjoy VH1's Pop Up Video in it's heyday or do you prefer the non musical stuff they like to call reality tv that plague the music channels?  Later!


  1. Dude, I'm so old I remember when videos were played without popups because they were new and there was no trivia to include! (And because you wouldn't want to ruin the art form.)

    But, because I am that old, I do like the popup videos ;)

  2. Hey there Alessia,

    lol I rememebr those videos too. lol I thought that the pop up ones made them more interesting. I'm curious to see which artists are going to get the "pop up" treatment this time around. Later!