Friday, May 27, 2011

My Experience with an Online School

Hey there. You know, many years ago, I attempted to complete my degree in business with an online school. I figured that I wouldn't have time to go to a brick and mortar building for school so online studies would be perfect. Especially since I'm a night owl and I stay up late anyways. Win-win situation for me, right?  In theory, yes.  In practicality, no...  My problem was that I didn't have the drive to finish school.  Not at that time, at least. I always told myself that I would go back to school when I am good and ready.  To not only get that degree but to set an example to the kids that higher learning can be achieved at any age.  Now, I believe that I am ready.

I want my degree in business.  I am still a night owl and I can feel the drive burning inside of me.  It's well known that people with degrees get paid more in the work place than those that don't have one.  I'm proud that I've been able to climb the corporate ladder and have earned a leadership position.  I know that the lack of a degree is preventing me from earning the compensation that I believe I should be earning.  So the mission starts now!  It's time to start browsing though online schools to find one that offer online degree programs in business or possibly accounting.  I'm a nerd at heart and I love numbers.  That's why I like my current job.  I go through financial statements, analyze them, and make credit risk decisions.  It's my life.  So even though I have a strong love for music and design, my innate ability to comprehend numbers makes a degree in business or accounting a better fit for me.

I'm actually looking forward to this.  Maybe I'll get my wife signed up as well.  I know that she's been interested in taking a course here and there and the best thing about online courses is that you definitely have a flexible schedule.  The only thing that I don't look forward to is the forms.  There are many forms fill out and it  takes quite awhile to complete them.  Especially the FAFSA.  I remember going to the FAFSA website,, and filling it out online.  I had to save it many times and come back later to complete.  At least you feel rewarded when you've finished it.  Especially since it's the form for financial aid.

So what's your experience with online higher learning opportunities?  Good?  Bad?  I know a few people that opted to go to a "regular" school as opposed to an online school but I just don't see myself driving to a school anymore.  Not with these gas prices, at least.  I need something that will accommodate my schedule and family life and I think I am ready to make that commitment to head back to school.  Wish me luck.  Later!


  1. I have taken quite a few classes online. I really like that I can work at my own pace. I actually attended graduate online school to get my teaching credential. It would have been much more difficult to attend a regular school and deal with child care for my own children. I loved that I could work while they were sleeping, in the early morning or late evening. I now prefer to do almost all of my learning online, but I know many people prefer face to face classes.