Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Joys of Knuffle Bunny

Hey there. You know, children are funny, little creatures. lol The most mundane of things will keep them entertained and happy. Me, being "funny daddy" and all, take advantage of that knowledge all the time by doing quirky little things around the house. With my youngest daughter, we have mini dance offs. We do the robot together all the time. With my oldest daughter, we've been having a "flinch contest" for the last week or so where we try to make each other flinch (I'm winning because I have awesome ninja focus!). lol With my oldest, well... he's kinda a preteen now and little quirky moments don't affect him as much as much as the younger kids. He does, however like it when I create absurd movie trailers and they usually begin with, "In a world..." lol Yeah, they definitely like that those.

Anyways, I bring up those little quirks because yesterday, I was reading a book to my daughter.  You know, they (or you) need to read a book every night for homework?  Yeah, that.  So I pulled out the book that was chosen and it's this book:
I recognized it from when my oldest daughter brought it for her "read at home" homework and she claims it's one of her favorite books.  I've read it a few times this year already since they keep sending it home to read so I decided to have a little fun with the reading.  It's an awesome little story of a young one that can't speak words yet and travels with her favorite stuffed toy, Knuffle Bunny.  The toy gets lost and the adventure begins.  It's definitely for the younger readers and the book has few words, as well as some baby babble.  When I read the book, I did voices for the characters.  The young one in the book had a "monster" voice, I did Bean's voice, from KROQ Kevin & Bean fame, and I just did a regular "mommy" voice for the mom.  The kids loved the Bean and monster voices.  lol  But I think it's because I ad lib some of the lines.  lol  Yeah, I'm cool like that.  The oldest, which was in his room watching Dragon Ball Z or something, came out and chuckled and said, "Dad, what are you doing?"  lol  So even my voices got his attention and the girls asked me to read it again cause he wasn't there from the beginning.  Kids...  lol

So, do you guys do anything of that sort with your kids?  Am I the only doofus that will change a story and make it their own for a few innocent laughs out of the kids?  Do you have any stare contest with the kids?  Dance offs?  Or any crazy, quirky things for a laugh.  Kids are awesome.  lol  I love my munchkins, cupcakes, and goofballs.  lmao!  Later!


  1. this foo reading kids books! hahhahahaha. "i can read!"

  2. Hey there Lucy,

    For the kids! Reading kids books for the kids!!! lol