Saturday, April 30, 2011

Helping to Find a Good Web Host Rating

Hey there.  I feel good today.  Why?  Because friends consider me a "online veteran."  lol  Not that I've dealt with wars or anything of that sort online, but because I'm in the blogging game and friends and family come in and ask questions about how to get started and how much work is involved to maintain a small following.  Just last weekend I was talking to a cousin that wanted to start their own business and came to me to ask about domains and web hosting

I made it pretty simple, I told her that she could start online for free with many free blogging and web design  platforms but I strongly recommend that she go out get her own domain and then look for a good web hosting site.  She needs something cheap and easy and after a quick search, she may end up going with Web Hosting Hub.  Looking their rating, it seems like the perfect fit for someone that's just starting out.  It's seems easy to navigate and it's cheap. 

I know that I'm not an online guru, but I like that people come for me for advice.  It tells me that at least some people think I know something about something.  lol  Later!

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  1. yes ! i want to learn web hosting so can you help me for best price and place