Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Working Out for a Better Me - Week ???

Hey there. I'm supposed to be on a mission to better myself and my health. For the first month or so, I saw some gains in my arms and chest and losses on my waist. Now... I said it was going to be semi-serious and this is why... I haven't been to the gym in like 2 weeks. lol Yup, it's been that long and it doesn't help when I'm chowing down on a bag of cookies or stuffing my face with ice cream for a midnight snack. Now, here's my philosophy when it comes to dieting... Men don't diet. It's as simple as that. I don't see why we would have to diet. In my honest opinion, we just eat less of what we want. Instead of 4 slices of pizza, go with 3, pass on the ranch when you're chowing down on your fries, and when ordering your super omega too big to hold with one hand ultimate cheeseburger, go with medium fries and drink as opposed to large. lol Yeah, that's how I see it.
What are you looking at?!  I'm NOT sharing!

Now, the wife hates this philosophy. As I'm chowing down on cookies, she's chewing on baby carrots and I can see the jealousy and disbelief that is emanating from her eyes. lol One of her favorite commercials that used to run on TV was for some stuff you would add to your water to help lose weight. What's the name of it... Let me find it on Youtube. Slimquick! There it is.

Pretty hilarious, no? There's a few different commercial for this stuff and some are pretty funny.  She'll laugh and say things like, it's sooooo true! lol  It's just not very hard for a man to lose weight, I guess.  I've been thin for most of my life and now that I actually have some weight on me, I'm not so sure that I want it off.  But then again, I don't want to be huffing and puffing while doing extra curricular activities.  I need to get back on the ball and get back to the gym.  I knew this was gonna happen, though.  That's why I didn't say this would be "super serious" workout sessions.  lol  I'll keep you posted.  Later!


  1. Oh, how true that is. I've worked really hard to lose the weight I've lost so far, and my boyfriend is trying to GAIN weight. When he starts thinking his stomach is getting chubby (it isn't) he cuts himself back a bit and what do you know? He's as malnourished-looking as ever.

  2. Hey there Chelsea,

    HAHAHAHAAHAHA! You sound like my wife. I should have posted the pic of me lying in bed at midnight scarfing down cookies while she's munching on carrots. THAT should be a commercial. lmao I couldn't help but think of her while reading your comment. LMAO! I guess we're just hard wired differently.