Thursday, March 3, 2011

Start Your Own Business with SMC

Hey there.  You know, I just dawned on me that being your own boss should be the goal of every man.  Now, I don't mean man as in men, but man as in mankind.  When you take control of your business, you own profits, your own growing pains, you learn the true value of money as well as how to run a business.  Not all of us will be successful, but you'll never know unless you try.  This is why I love that SMC (Specialty Merchandise Corporation) is allowing you to be your own boss. 

They  have been around for over 50 years and have helped many realize their dreams of owning a private business.  So how does it work?  Simple, you buy products from SMC at a low, low, price and you in turn sell those goods in your store, online shop, or private business.  And their selection of goods is huge.  Anything from garden to toys to home decorations.  And the best part is that you don't have to drive around to get to work.  Work can be anywhere you want it to be.  No more traffic, no more stubborn bosses, no more annoying coworkers.  It's you, and you're business savvy, working directly with potential customers.  And if you don't think you can do it alone, no worries.  SMC also offers business coaching for new business owners, and guess what... IT'S FREE for the first few weeks.  Just enough help to get you motivated and confident that you can run your business.

Now, many people will digress and say that this is nothing but a scam.  Many have filed SMC complaints and SMC addresses the complaints head on.  You have to admire and respect a company that listens when people are not happy.  In my opinion, when I through the complaints, I noticed that the people that were complaining had failing businesses and to be honest with you, you really can't put that on SMC.  It's human nature to place the blame on someone or something then we fail.  But on the other side of the coin, there are those that have had huge success using SMC.  If you're still iffy on the whole thing, feel free to read this SMC review to get a better understanding of how it works.  There are many SMC money makers out there.  If you're willing to take that leap into being your own boss, do it with a company that has your back and will guide you through it.  It's better to have someone by your side to guide you, then to jump head first.  Later!

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