Wednesday, March 23, 2011

May Start Looking at Voice Over Work

Hey there.  I've been in a slight funk as of late and I think I may have sound something that may snap me out of it.  I want to be a cartoon character!  Well, not literally, but I think I would like to do some voice over work.  I have been doing voices for years now and the kids get a laugh out of the many voices that I have done.  The wife gets embarrassed by them (naturally) and I think I might have the talent to do some voice over work for myself, or a small company.  Considering that I have no prior experience in it, I'll more than likely have to do something original just to get my voice out there.

I have a few ideas as to what I would like to do.  It's going to be an original web comic with voice work.  I figured that a little something different would be good and I'm leaning more towards the genre of comedy.  I'm not a great comic creator so it's going to take some time before I will have any up.  I don't think I can afford to have a Los Angeles video production make them for me.  Unless, investors want to pitch in for some professional work.  lol 

I have a small group of friends that have committed to work on this.  Maybe we'll be able get a few comics in and act them ou.  I think we all have our unique set of voices that will make it entertaining and fun. It's not going to be easy, but one of the perks would be that we can send our takes via Email for others to listen in if by chance we can't all be in the room together. It might not be the best of circumstances, but at least we can get this off the ground.  I'm excited about it.  Now, it's time to get this baby started!  Later!

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