Friday, March 11, 2011

Converting DVDs with ImTOO DVD Ripper

Hey there.  Once of the most difficult things to find is a reliable converter.  Whether it be mobile video to .mpeg, DVD to .avi, or .mp4 to .flv.  There are so many video formats that it's impossible to find one that will work with what you're trying to do.  But alas, there is one that works great for DVDs.  ImTOO DVD Ripper is a great tool to use when using DVDs to create original works.  Most of us own digital camcorders and converting those mini DVDs into other formats can be a pain.  With this software, you can easily cut, edit, or convert the whole DVD into multiple formats to accommodate your needs. 

Imagine wanting to create a custom made video for a special event, say a wedding.  You can use this tool to cut and paste DVD video into one, while being able to add cool effects, subtitles, take only a snapshot, take audio cuts, and much more.  You can definitely make this your own special project and and create a professional looking video with the use of this DVD Ripper.  Here are some of the main features:
  • Mac DVD ripper for video - rip DVD to videos
  • DVD ripper for audio - rip DVD to audios
  • DVD image capture - DVD to pictures
  • Magic video editor - crop/subtitle/effect/watermark
  • Free sewer - clip, split and merge     
The DVD ripper is available for PC but they also have the DVD Ripper Mac which is designed to work on all Mac computers.  If you're serious about creating original web videos or quality presentations for special events, this is definitely something you should check out.  It'll save you the trouble of having several programs opened at once to create a great video which this lone program could do.  Check it out, friend.  Later!

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