Monday, February 21, 2011

What's Your Website Worth?

Hey there.  Have you ever wondered how much your website is worth?  You hear big numbers from some of the more popular sites but for us small time blogging folk, how would we be able to determine how much our small piece of internet real estate is worth?  I went on a mission to find out how much is worth and let's check out some of the numbers.

Website Outlook
Estimeted worth of is USD 13074.3 according to websiteoutlook (Not so sure how much faith I can put in a site that misspells Estimated)
Your Estimated Site Worth Is: $8,020.21  (Not bad, I guess. Let's see what else we get) Valuation $465,795.6  (Whoa! Check please! Wait... Paypal only!!!)
Estimated value of the is 73912,5 USD (And apparently that's the equivalent of 21 camels!  lmao!)

Well... as you can see, if you check the wrong the site you'll think that your site is worth a fortune!  It's tough to gauge how much the site is really worth.  Especially when it comes time to sell your domain.  I wouldn't sell my domain (unless bizinformation sends that half a million to my paypal account right away!).  Once you start blogging and have been doing it for several years, it's more of a way of life than a hobby. 

So, tell me friends.  What sites do you use to check up on your stats, worth, and visitors?  I'm curious to see what sites are accurate and which are not. As much as I would LOVE to believe that this site is worth half a mil, I know it's not.  I would love to be able to find that one site that would be able to accurately gauge where I stand.  Where I would know, just for the sake of knowing, how much I could potentially sell this site if push comes to shove.  Let me hear it friends.  Later!


  1. For my stats/visitors, I use Google Analytics and Statcounter. I also check Alexa regularly and popuri (which is a collection of multiple sites' data on yours). Sometimes I look at Websitegrader, too! I've never tried to find out how much my site is worth...and don't want to be super disappointed when I get a low worth compared to yours! lol

  2. Hey there Chelsea,

    I've never heard of Popuri. I'll definitely check that one out since it's data collected from several sites. Thanks!

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