Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Will You be Eating While Watching the Big Game

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Hey there.  The Super Bowl is this weekend!  The unofficial American holiday of football fans everywhere.  Aside from the big game, fans everywhere will be hanging out with friends and enjoying their Super Bowl parties.  But what are you going to serve at the game?  This is not just any game where the standard chips and dip is going to cut it.  That's why I strongly suggest that you take a look at some of these Super Bowl Recipes to spice up your Super Bowl party.
Imagine that.  A Youtube channel specifically made to share some awesome recipes for the Super Bowl.  If you really want to impress your guests, I would strongly suggest to try out some of the dishes with the Green Bay or Pittsburg name attached to it.  After viewing some of the videos, I stumbled across Pittsburg Popcorn.  Check that out on the video below.

Another great dish that I stumbled upon is the Green Bay Mojo Shrimp Skewers.  These look so good.  Check that out.

You can't go wrong with any of the Super Bowl recipes that are shared.  It's all a matter of what theme you're going for and what tickles your fancy.  Be safe and have an awesome Super Bowl weekend.  Later!

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  2. Hey there Mize,

    I took a few days off Entrecard but am back at dropping. Thanks for the heads up in regards to the videos! I thought I adjusted them accordingly. I guess that's why you should preview before posting, huh. BTW, your tutorial is awesome. Thanks.

  3. I like that shrimps...though be forewarned it is not good for maintaining good cholesterol balance lol...

  4. I´m sure you know how to fix this issue but if you have any problem just let me know.
    Blogger regards :)