Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Need a New Computer. Maybe a Dell?

Hey there.  I'm in the market for a new computer.  Ever since I can remember, I've owned HP computers and each and every one has gone down in flames.  Well... not literally in flames but I've either had to repair it many times or get it replaced.  I think I'm ready to move on from HP and maybe try a Dell.  I've stumbled across a few Dell coupons and I'm thinking that it may be time to give one a try.

First off, I need both a laptop and a desktop.  Why both?  Well, I don't feel comfortable letting the kids use the laptop.  I just feel as if there are more fragile than a desktop and if they were to drop it while messing around, there's more chance of it being a goner as opposed to a desktop.  I figured that stepping into a store would be best to try the computers and have hands on experience but the best deals are definitely online.  Just check out these  Dell coupon codes that I've found.  20% off, $250 off, 25% off...  There are some great deals there.  It's just a matter of finding the computer that's best for me and the family.

But I wouldn't be savvy without checking out different sites.  I want the computers but I want them at the lowest possible prices and I think I found the Dell coupon codes that I'll be using.  Especially when I can get free shipping AND money off.  I don't need much, but I don't want a crappy machine either.  Maybe I should just build one from scratch.  Nah... I don't want to hassle with finding the parts.  Hopefully, I'll be able to start working from bed very soon.  Later!


  1. If you wanna buy new machine,I would recommend Dell.Its hardware quality and performance is really awesome.I'm using dell desktop from last 3yrs and its really working fine.Just you need to update your OS and anti virus regularly..

  2. I've only owned two computers in my life: a Dell and an HP. The Dell lasted about two years, and my HP Netbook is less than a year old right now. I loved my Dell laptop, though! Unfortunately, it fried. However, when I get a new laptop or desktop, it will probably be Alienware! I guess technically, Alienware IS Dell now. But I'm also interested in some PC gaming, whereas it doesn't sound like you are.

  3. Hey there Flufferwuffer,

    An Alienware machine would be AWESOME! It's just that they're pretty pricey and considering that I'm looking for a "family" machine, all that power would be going to waste. Thanks for stopping by Chelsea! (Yeah, I'm a reader. lol)

  4. Technology is always changing... it's hard to be sure if the system you have will support the newest software and peripherals. So how do you know when it is indeed time to buy a new computer, or when it is best to ignore the commercials that tout the latest "gotta-have" technology?