Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ancient Aliens: Zues is Odin and Odin is Zues?

Hey there.  I love the show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.  I think it's thought provoking and I love that each show has a different center of focus to lend credibility (or discredit) the ancient alien theory.  For those of you not in the know, the ancient alien theory suggests that many of the wonders of the world were made by not only man, but with the assistance of aliens.  It suggest that mythologies and art across the globe have striking similarities and they could very well in fact be depicting the same "alien figure".  The episode that I caught last night mentioned the similarities of gods throughout the mythos of ancient civilizations. 

The episode I caught last night were trying to lend credibility to the ancient alien theory by saying that many of the gods in mythologies were in fact aliens and the fact that many mythological gods were striking similar, were more than likely the same alien god.  This is a stretch in my opinion.  The show argued that both, Zues and Odin, were sky gods, both were the rulers of "all gods", both had epic beards, and Odin is a shapeshifter where as Zues could be symbolized with an eagle, and both fathered many children with "mortals"  Now check out their appearance.
Now don't tell me that these two do not look like twin bothers.  Considering that cameras didn't exist back in the day, we can only go by descriptions written on ancient texts but they're both described in a similar manner.

Now, I believe in aliens.  I believe that it would be naive to think that we are alone in this vast universe.  Somewhere out there, other civilizations are present.  I'm sure that some are more advance than ours and I'm sure that some are more primitive than ours.  Nevertheless, the law of averages say that they exists SOMEWHERE out there.  This show, Ancient Aliens, can provide some pretty convincing evidence.  Especially when you bring in artifacts and art work believed to be depicting aliens and UFOs.  But sometimes I think that the show reaches out on a limb, as it has with the theory of mythological gods being aliens.  Then again, what do I know.  I'm not the expert here.  lol  Take a look.  If nothing else, it's an interesting show and I always watch it when it comes on.  What do you think?  Aliens:  BS or real deal?  Later!


  1. I should check that show out. Sounds really interesting. I do believe in aliens, like you said, it's foolish to think we're the only things in the universe. People just tend to think of things in the wrong way...aliens=evil creatures from another planet, for most people...when technically an alien could be a creature like animals on another planet. Anyway, it's kind of silly to think that alien "gods" came and ruled earth for a while, and then got bored and left.

    Ok, I'm done ranting ;)

  2. Hey there Chelsea,

    Yeah, check it out. It's definitely an interesting show and yeah I'm with you on the whole "aliens = evil" thing. For all we know, they're just "creatures" and of not much intelligence. Who knows. It will be interesting to find out when the gov will finally cough up some answers. (I believe they have em). lol Later!

  3. guys the gods are similar as they are all indo-european (vedic inclued). related by myth,culture and genetics, its baffling that people can espouse this crap without actually putting them into their historical and anthropologicatact  context. maybe the early 'aryan' (indoeuropeans) indeed had alien contact but your ascribing this 'history channel' hypothosis on poor facts and historical review. bad science and even worse common sense.