Friday, January 28, 2011

Create a Stronger Bond with Yaptime

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of YapTime. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there friends.  Ever tried to have a group conversation on Facebook?  It's kind of difficult to keep it for select members only and it usually turns into a public discussion.  It's not really the ideal situation when you're trying to let family members know of Junior's next basketball game.  With this free service, YapTime,  you can create group chats and have only the members of that group posting in that particular chat.  This will completely get rid of the pointless clutter of posts that would interrupt that discussion.Yaptime

Just imagine, you're on a football team.  Create a Yaptime chat with only your football team mates and now you have a private medium where only your team can get updated schedules, talk over plays, and overall build a stronger camaraderie.  Or use the calendar to create events and have only family members in your group who can respond to it.  It's a perfect way to introduce young ones into the world of social networking.  With Yaptime, you can get rid of "pseudo" friend requests and know that the people you friended are people that you actually know. 

So for the teacher that wants to contact their students for homework assignments, the coach that wants to update his team on the schedule, or for the family that just wants to keep in touch, YapTime may be the answer for you.  You have nothing to lose with this free service so give it try and let me know what you think.  Later!

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