Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've Been Hacked

Hey there.  This morning, I woke to an Email from my friend Alison telling me that I've been hacked.  Apparently, I sent out some spam Email containing a link to some Canadian pharmacy selling pink viagra.  That was not me, friends.  My account was compromised!  I've already took action and did what I had to do to make sure it doesn't happen again.  So if you received an Email from me with a link in it, I'm sorry, but it wasn't me!  Thanks.


  1. Haha you know it was really you that is trying to hook people onto pink viagra!

  2. Are sure it wasn't you setting up a new sideline of money making schemes ;) LMAO

  3. hahaha, i got that spam letter too, in my yahoo and in my gmail..

  4. Hey there!

    Ha ha! You guys! You swear I'll be promoting pink viagra and I'll let you know right now, Karen, if I have a special secret money making "scheme", I'd let you know! lmao!

    I think I took care of it. If it happens again, let me know. Thanks for the heads up! Later!