Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top Commentators for the Month of May

Hey there. Thanks for all you guys that stop by to read and comment on the nonsense that I post on a somewhat daily basis. I missed more than a few days in May but that didn't stop the comments from coming. For those of you not familiar, I run a monthly contest here were the top 3 commentators receive a cash prize (via PayPal) for leaving relevant comments. $5 USD for the #1 spot and $2.50 USD for the remaining 2. So, let's get to it!

$5.00 - Silvergirl
$2.50 - Enigmageek
$2.50 - Alison

Congrats, guys!  You win money!  You also get a month free on my blogroll so you'll get additional exposure for you site/blog.  Keep the comments coming friends and you too can be $5.00 or $2.50 dollars richer!  lol  Later!


Wow I felt like I was slacking this month too haha. If I am the right Alison.

I will have to remember to send you an updated button soon. I'm switching over to WP next week. I'm scared!

Hey there Alison,

You did lag it! But it was a slow month for me too so you came up in the top three anyways. lol =oP

Make sure you do. I'm going to need to url too so that I make sure that my blogroll link is directing to the correct site. Thanks!

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