Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rock Band 3... With Keyboard???

Hey there.  I love the music genre of games that seem to have plagued most of the video game consoles.  I own Rock Band 1 & 2 and several of the Guitar Hero installments.  Now, there's buzz about the upcoming Rock Band 3 and from what I've being told, it's supposed to be pretty massive in terms of it's catalog.  That is a good thing.  The more music choices the better the range of musical tastes that will be featured.  However, there is a screen shot popping out in the internet that displays what seems to be a promo shot for Rock Band 3.  Check it out...
First and foremost... It's pretty obvious that there is a 5th symbol and it appears to be piano keys.  I don't know how to feel about this.  The band is pretty entertaining as it is with a 4 man band, I don't know if adding that piano/keyboard player is necessary.  It may also be the reason that the music catalog can be so vast.  If not piano, maybe accordion???  Can we expect some killer Weird Al in Rock Band 3?  Maybe some Kanye West?  Or Tori Amos?  I don't know... It's interesting to see how that's going to play out.  Another change is in the microphone symbol.  There are now 3 mics in the symbol, similar to that in Rock Band: The Beatles.  Now...  I'm all for fun and games... but have you heard the people that sing while playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero?  They're no Journey's Steve Perry....  Not even a Bon Jovi (that's for you, bro! lol)  and if you're including harmonies to the rock portion of the singing... it may not be as entertaining as having that one star vocalist.  Then again, this is all my opinion, for all I know, they tweak the system enough to make it fresh and make it work.  It's all speculation at this point, but if their idea of an upgrade is expanding the instruments, then the genre may be taking a step back.  Later!

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  1. Personally, I find this kind of games awful to say the least. Perhaps one could spend a fun time with them but if someone plays it like it is real, it is depressing. If some of my friends took lessons instead of playing those games, they could be playing real music already.