Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mentally Preparing for Boston

Hey there.  No, I'm talking about the Celtics, I'm talking about my trip to Boston.  I'm off to a credit conference later in the week and am meeting with a client of ours.  My schedule looks pretty brutal so I'm getting mentally prepared for it.  Trip (so far) is as follows:

Leave LAX @ 7am
Arrive at BOS @ 3:40
Rush over to downtown Boston and meet with our customer
Rush over to check into the hotel
Rush to the group meeting at 6 PM
Probably leave dinner close to 10 PM<
7:30 am Credit Conference
Conference is over at 5 PM
Find something to do before heading to the airport for my 8 PM flight
Arrive at LAX @ 11:55 PM

Yup... I would say that's a condensed trip if I do say so myself.  I was hoping to be able to fly in on Wednesday evening.  That would allow me to check out the city and meet with our client during the morning and not be so rushed right out of the airport.  Well...  that's how it rolls sometimes.  Later!


  1. have a great trip and good luck

  2. Try to take a swan boat ride. Or at least go check out the pond.

    Have a good trip.