Sunday, April 4, 2010

Motivational Sunday - Jesus

Hey there.  Happy Easter, friends.  I'll be honest and say that I'm not 100% sure what the meaning of Easter is.  Something to do Jesus and his ascension to heaven... I think.  But modern times tells us differently.  They say Easter is about candy, food and egg hunts.  Well, to all those that believe that the Easter Bunny is the "man" during Easter, here's to you!  Later!


I like that one! Happy Easter anyway.

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It is the same with Easter as it is with Christmas. For as long as the true meaning is not ignored, the nothing necessarily wrong the other "stuff." Come on now, admit it, aren't you looking forward to the day when you will hide an egg that your kid cannot possibly find?

Hola Metallman!
Greetings from Spain.
Here is few easter videos I shot here..

We are here on a long holiday.

I think everyone has different ideas about Easter and believe in the true meaning of it, plus do the candy, rabbits etc. Hope you have a super week.

I mainly like Easter because I get to spend time with the family, and man it sure is funny when adults try and find egss too, lol.

Happy easter to you and your family..Everybody spend more time with your family..

hey Victor, you dont have archieve of your post?

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