Friday, April 2, 2010

BCBG Hand Bag Giveaway

Hey there. I wanted to post this yesterday but seeing that half the world was expecting pranks and what not, I figured to just wait until today. As I mentioned in this post, my wife has a few bags that may have been used once or twice that she wanted to donate to charity. I seize the opportunity and decided that maybe I would be able to give some of the bags away to readers of my site. So without further delay, here's is the first bag up for grabs!
Not bad, right?  The bag is in great condition.  It's not a brand new bag but it was only used about twice so there is nothing wrong with it.  Check out the pictures for your scrutiny.  The only thing that I found off with the bag is the plastic thing that wraps around the handle.  One of them looks a little weird, but other than that, there is nothing wrong with this bag.  So here's the deal, you will need to earn entries into this drawing.  How do you get em, like this:

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Sounds fair, no?  All entries must be submitted by April 18th and I will announce the winner on April 19th.  Winner will be chosen by so the more entries you have, the better the chance the gods will chose you as the winner.  I won't be able to ship the bag internationally so I regret to inform you that only my US friends are eligible to enter.

This is the first bag out of a few.  If I get a good turn out on this giveaway, I'll make sure to reward you guys by having another.  So make it happen, friends!  And good luck!  Later!


  1. Go Green! Recycle, reuse, retweet...

  2. That's actually a cute bag.

    Retweeting....after this post.

  3. ohh I cant have the bag if I win? The bag is still perfectly awesome..