Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to the World of Travian

Hey there.  We all need a little place to escape.  Many of us have hobbies, such as reading or playing guitar.  Recently, I've been introduced into the world of Travian.  It's a military type game that plays similar to that of Command and Conquer and to a lesser extent, Risk.  You start off with a city and you build your resources: Wood, Clay, Iron, and Wheat.  You need certain amounts to build barracks (to train your army) or build a palace (where you can send out settlers and expand your empire).  Of course, you're not the only player, other players are scattered across the grid and each is out for blood.  You can be a lone wolf, but trust me, you will be devoured.  It would be better to make friends and join an alliance to protect yourself and coordinate an well thought out attack on stronger players to destroy their cities and take their resources.

And because it plays in real time, you are producing resources as you sleep.  You find yourself checking in from time to time to assure that you do not have any incoming attacks and if you do, you act accordingly and build your defenses. Check out the battle report below.
I must say that it's definitely the game of the moment, at least for me.  It's easy for me to check in, upgrade some stuff, attack away, and build defenses.  All within a few minutes.  If you're online as much as I am, and are looking to get into a military type game, definitely check out Travian.


  1. i saw that ads, but i dunno how to play that game... now i know *winks* maybe i an try that too :)

  2. You + Travian = Addiction