Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today has Been One of Those Days at Work

Hey there.  Have you ever had one of those days where you feel as if the people you are working with are incompetent?  I don't want to bash anyone in particular, but it's frustrating when we're all part of a team and someone just doesn't give a crap and screws everything up.  I mean... we do work for the same company, right?!  I understand the segregation of duties, I understand that you should do your job, but if you know that you're doing something wrong, how about you speak up instead of saying, "I'm just doing my job". 

I've had to make several calls to the controller of a certain account several times today.  Each one outlining mistakes that were done by our people because they were being extremely careless.  And the frustrating part of it all is that we'll all experienced in the field.  This is not our first day on the job.  There are other accounts that are in a similar situation as this one and yet we can manage to screw this one up but not the other?  You knucklehead...  Can you learn by example?!  You're already doing it correctly with the other account... can't you apply the same techniques to this one?!?!?!  


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  1. Yeah I've had those days too. hope you had a good weekend to make up for it.