Monday, February 22, 2010

I Have an Issue with Spam Comments

Hey there.  One goal of writers everywhere is get feedback on their work.  Whether it be constructive criticism or a pat on the back.  As a blogger, I love to see comments.  It tells me that someone out there actually took the time to read the stuff I put up and was more than willing to throw their two cents in.  My problem?  Spam comments...  I HATE receiving Emails letting me know that I have received a comment but when I read it, it's completely unrelated to the post.  Case and point...  I started Funny Fridays here this past Friday.  I posted a video that I thought was pretty hilarious of people being punched (SNL skit).  Here's the gem of a comment that I received on that post:

"I was in college this was asked of my class, I said I would be "Legolas" from Lord of the Rings, another girl answered that she would be "Aweryn" from Lord of the Rings."

WTF?!?!?!  Someone please explain to me what people getting punched has to do with Lord of the Rings?  And that's not the only comment I received... If you browse through the comments of posts, you'll see some pretty long comments on unrelated crap.

The bad part is that Firefox will not allow me to delete the comments (for unknown reasons), but Internet Explorer will.  I refuse to use Internet Explorer...  I just can't go back to that atrocity of a web browser...  So my question to you, friends, is how can I eliminate, or at least minimize my spam comments?  Is there a widget?  Some kind of script that I should add?  Do I need to alter my blog template? I would rather get feedback from fellow bloggers to get a better understanding of how you guys get rid of or eliminate spam comments.  Suggestions?  Thanks.  Later!


I haven't heard of this site but if you can do this then report the spammers and also write a message on your website saying that any spammers will be reported. That should scare them off.

Have you tried clicking on the comment button, as if you were going to add a comment yourself? There are times when the little trash can thingy, which is the link to delete comments on my Blogger/Blogspot blogs, does not show up on Firefox until I actually go to leave a comment.

A lot of the time these crappy comments are delivered by a bot, so that's why you would get the Aweryn comment when you posted about Legolas, they search the nets RSS feeds and then hook up with your blog, I get them a few times on my blog, but thankfully a good percentage are blocked!

I don't like spam comments either...fortunately, I seldom get them. But I wonder why you can't remove them with Firefox. I use Firefox (I never ever use IE anymore) but I have been able to delete the spam that I find. If I click the dashboard link showing the number of comments I have, I get a pop-up with all my comments. At the bottom, I get a little trashcan that I can click to remove the comment. Do you get that with yours?

Spam in a can is good. Spam on my page is NOT.. Funny enough, Firefox lets me delete all my shit comments. I also don't blame you for staying away from IE the spam bot run from it I say.

Hey there friends,

Thank you all for your suggestions. It's odd that I do not get a little trash car when I'm logged in so I can't delete comments. Maybe it's my web layout? Either way, I've decided that I'm going to have to review all comments before they are published. I soooooo did not want to do that, but I really can't find another "quick" solution. I'll keep looking, but until then, I'll have to manually approve comments to keep the spammers at bay. Later and thanks!

The last month ive seen an increase in the video comment spams, they seem to get paid for sign up since is mostly adult stuff they use a program to create youtube accounts and another to spam,

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