Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Baby is Sick

Hey there.  The baby got sick last night.  He had a dry cough and he started sneezing.  Then the phlegm started to make it's presence known.  It sucks because I know my baby is uncomfortable, but there really isn't anything that you can give them to alleviate anything.  My wife decided that she was going to stay up all night to keep an eye on him.  She did.  I went to bed around 2:30 am or so, but she went to bed at 7 am.  He wasn't too fussy, but we know that he's not too comfortable.  Luckily, we stumbled across a "baby emergency kit" while back and we bought it, just in case.  The kit has little noses, little tummies, some baby rub, among other stuffs.  Turns out that we are able to use the baby rub on babies over 3 months old.  Our boy just turned 3 months on the 6th.  We put some of the stuff on him and it seems to be working.  He's a lot more active, he's arguing with the animals on his swing and he doesn't seem to be fussy at all.  Hopefully, he'll get over the sickness.  I know it's still there and we're scheduled for a baby check up tomorrow.  Hopefully, all will be ok.  Later!


If she's going to get one, he/she's going to get one. You are contagious before you have symptoms, so your baby already has the germs in his/her system. Make sure you are washing your hands frequently, but other than that, there's not much you can do. Just make sure he/she is clean, you are clean and that other people disinfect before picking him/her up. As awful as this sounds, getting sick will help boost his/her immune system and better prepare him/her for entering school.

My baby has ben sick since Sunday - (6 days). She has a fever, cough, sore throat and the Doctor told us it was a viral infection. I noticed today as I was emptying her humidifier that there was some mold. Can this be why she is sick? I am nervous that maybe we should be doing something else besides giving her the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

Aw, I hope your baby has a better day/night today. And that you and your wife get more sleep too :)

hope he is ok now :)its hard when baby is sick, you dunno whats going on him :) if he is still not well you betta consult the doctor

Just a note of caution - when my daughter was 5 weeks old she came down with the same type of symptoms - after a couple days of coughing/wheezing her breathing got worse (you could see her chest retracting when she tried to get a breath. Luckily we are sown the street from a Children's hospital. I took her in and it turned out she had RSV - This is so widespread among infants under 6 mos that they had a whole wing dedicated to "RSV Babies" They couldn't do much besides give oxygen, breathing treatments and suck the snot out with a vaccuum (really gross). After 3 days in the hospital she was able to breathe without oxygen again. I had seen commercials about RSV before but I never really worried about it - now I go around telling the moms with little babies that are dragging them into the schools around all the sick kids to BE CAREFUL!

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