Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Soup for the Soul

Hey there.  I'm sure you've heard about all those self help books out there.  One of the more popular ones are the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series.  I think that they're great in the sense that they may answer questions that many of us are thinking or feeling.  Honestly, I've never read any of those books and I think it's cause when I'm feeling down, I turn to my family.  They are my "soup for my soul".  Recently, work has been a drag on both my wife and I.  We're a few weeks into the year, but it's felt like an eternity.  Almost as if the week off threw our work schedule out of whack.  I'm still adjusting and I'm sure that my wife is too since she's been out of the office for close to 4 months.  After a day of damn near pulling our hair out at work, we get to come home to this.

Yup, that's our chicken soup for the soul, or better yet, baby soup for the soul. lol  It's funny how a young one can wash away many of the aches and pains that a working parent endures at work.I know that it does wonders for my wife.  Through all the financial reporting, balancing of the month, dilution report, meetings, and hold order reports, it's great to be able to have it all wash away by a smile.  Later!


How cute! In another year or so, he'll be banging on that same pot and driving you nuts.

Can I just say I didn't have that much hair until I was two or three? I'm a little jealous.

I complain about my kids all the time, in fact my current post is just that, and they are no longer cute like yours is. However, they still make everything worthwhile and make me smile under the worst conditions.

now that's the cutest pot of soup I ever did see

Kids make everything better! He is SOO gorgeous - soak up every single second you can because they FLY. I just had my daughter yesterday and now she's 5 and in pre-k. My oldest just started kindergarten and now he's in middle school. It's scary how fast they grow up.

I just tried a straw with my 8 month old and she was a pro at it in 20 seconds. If you hold the straw, you might find a bendy one easier, I'm sure your girl isn't too young for it. We'd just never thought of it before now.

The acid in tomatoes would be ok for your baby. Also, since you will be introducing tomatoes for the first time, you know that you can't introduce anything else new to him (her) at the same time. When you give a baby a new food, you need to wait 3-4 days to see if they have a reaction.

I have been through 3 litters of kittens. At around 4 weeks of age they will start to eat dry kitten food with mom. You can moisten it if you wish or break it up if it isn't tiny enough for them to eat. Mine didn't like it moisten and they did just fine with it broken into small pieces.

It has recently been prooved that even in the Donner party cannibalism was only practiced by a few, and then really late in the Winter when there was absolutely nothing else left to eat.

Until a baby is 12 months, they really need to be getting almost all of their nutrition, calories, and fat from their breastmilk (or formula). so solids are not at all necessary, especially when sick... they absorb more nutrients quicker from their milk than from solids.

If you want to give soup make some yourself and leave out the grains in the part you give your baby.

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