Sunday, December 6, 2009

Motivational Sunday - Procrastination

Hey there.  We've all done it at point or another.  We put off that school report til the last day, we returned that book or movie minutes before the library or store closed, or we've put off mundane tasks that we say will be done but continue to be put off.  This my friends, is procrastination and I swear to you that I can be a huge culprit.  I've put off many small projects that I regularly said I'd do but would continue to be put off (to the dismay of my wife).  I know that one day I'll conquer this demon, but I don't feel like taking care of it now, so I'll just do it later.  Later!


Oh that is so true. And love the picture of Procrastination. That is perfect. Thanks for the chuckle

I think of something and don't want to forget so I start researching or doing that. Like finding out when a band is touring, or researching air fare for a summer vacation or just writing an email to an old friend. So now, I keep a notepad open on my computer and jot down what I want to do so I don't forget and don't have an excuse.

Love the motivational poster-perfect! I am the QUEEN of procrastination. I can and do put off most everything.

Predestination is my middle name :) Love that poster. too funny, cracked me up

Tell me all about it. Procrastination is my middle name. Doing it everyday of the week.

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