Sunday, December 20, 2009

Motivational Sunday - Overconfidence

Hey there. You know, growing up as a child, you 're told that you should reach for the stars. That you can accomplish what you put your mind to and be successful if you work hard. Well, guess what... We were lied to. We can't accomplish everything we want. We cannot rely on our confidence to achieve and be set up to fail.  Sometimes, there are tasks that are just impossible for us to reach. As an adult, I know now that if I stand outside and reach for stars, I'll look like an idiot with my hands stretched way above my head.  Just like the cat in the picture below.  Yeah, you may be good at catching birds, but trust me, my friend, that eagle is going to kick your butt.  Later!


Oh great, now you have self starting ads. I loathe those!!!!

nice pic huh.. yah i agree wth you, i still remember when im still young.. i have many dreams, but none of them i reach!! But i'm happy what i am now :)

You make a valid point. Plus the pic is pretty amusing (humm...does this mean I have a sick sense of humor?)

Kitty, NO....don't do
Very good point, it sucks to grow up and find out what the real world is like :)

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