Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday My Dearest Wife

Hey there. Today is my wife's birthday, two days after my father's and 3 days after our new born son's. I have much love, respect and appreciation for her. So here's to you, beautiful. Wishing you many, many more wonderful years.

To My Dearest Wife

To my dearest wife
The mother of my children
The voice of reason
The heart of gold

To my dearest wife
The definite better half
The compassionate soul
The loving companion

To my dearest wife
I love you dearly
I love you madly
I love you wholeheartedly

To my dearest wife
You mean the world to me
You are my everything
You bring me to my knees

To my dearest wife
I'm fortunate to have met you
I'm lucky to have you
I'm grateful to receive your love

To my dearest wife
Words cannot express my love
The above is a weak attempt
Know that my heart will always be yours.

Thanks. =o*


  1. That is so sweet. I bet your wife loves it. Happy Birthday to her.

  2. That was wonderful..and I also feel honored to share a birthday with your wife. So tell her from one October 9 baby to another "Happy Birthday"

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to your wife. Wish her a great year of good health and happiness.

  4. How sweet! Happy Birthday to her! ...;)