Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Great Deals on Caskets and Urns at... Walmart?!?!?!

Hey there. I'm not kidding you folks. I'm sure many of you had no idea that you can buy a casket at As in, a casket to bury people in once they have passed on. I cannot believe that! Check out this spiffy casket for the low, low price of $1800!
Oh, and they don't discriminate. Check out the urns for those that chose to be cremated instead of buried.
I'm more shocked than anything else. I heard that Walmart was taking the business of many companies but never did I come to think that they would step into the business of the dead. Wow... Later.


  1. This is similar to Costco. I've spent some time on their website looking at all the bizarre things they sell that I wouldn't imagine they would.

  2. I read about that yesterday. I can't believe that. Is Walmart trying to take over every market out there or what. I think it's a little rediculous myself.