Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Metallman is Here

Hey there friends. First off, I want to thank all of you that wished us well and provided congratulations when our little one was born earlier this week. The congrats came from far and wide and my family and I want to express our appreciation to you all.

It all started at approx. 4 AM Tuesday morning. My wife got up feeling some pain and noticed that they were contractions. She decided that she wanted to time them for an hour or so to see how long apart the contractions are hitting. Once my wife realized that they were hitting at about 8 or 7 mins apart, we decided to go to hospital. My wife wanted to take a bath, since they help soothe the pain. When all was said and done, we left the house a little after 6 AM and off to my mother in law's we go. We didn't want the kids to miss school so we left them at my mother in law's while my brother in law and her came with us to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital a little after 7:15 AM. My wife was already in great pain and holding tightly during each contraction, which seemed to be more frequent than earlier in the morning. She gets checked in and the nurses check her progress. She's 10 CMs dilated. Whoa! Before we know it, my wife is in the delivery room and her doc is not there. Doctor Bohn, Hill, and Park were all called to advise that my wife was ready to deliver. They each were about 45 mins away. Our son wasn't going to wait for the doctor. He was ready to come out and he was ready to come out NOW! A doctor then comes in and checks my wife. The baby is ready to come out. He breaks the sac containing the amniotic fluid and 2 contractions later, my son was born. Time? 8:16 AM. We were not at the hospital for more than an hour before our son was born. The nurses, and Doctor Bohn later, all said that it was an extremely fast delivery.

My mother soon arrived, as did a few of my aunts. They all commented on how speedy the delivery was. All the while, I was able to post a few pics on Twitter and do a really quick mobile post to announce the news. After I received what seemed to be a million texts and Emails, my phone died on me and guess what... We didn't pack a charger. Yup, for a good 24 hours or so, we had no text or Email access. I didn't realize how much I rely on it until it was taken away from me. I couldn't contact my mother or mother in law to give updates, I couldn't text my wife when I stepped outside to grab a cup of coffee and I couldn't let people know what room we were in or when visiting hours were over.

Dr. Bohn came in the following morning to check up on my wife. Once she made it perfectly clear that there should be no sex for 6 weeks, lol, she gave my wife the OK to go home. We then asked for a pic with our little one. Check it out.

Dr. Bohn rocking a cool T-Shirt while holding our little one.

We are now at home, adjusting to life to our little one. We prepared as best we can but there is no substitute for actual baby in the home. Our first night was pretty much a constant watch of the little one. We heard a noise in his bassinet and we both got up to check it out. After a few times of getting up, my wife and I alternated getting up to change or feed him. We were both up anyways and I'm sure that she's feeling just as tired as I am since we both didn't have in sleep last night.

We are about to venture into night 2. Our little one is currently sleeping on the bed, I'll be putting him into his bassinet soon. It's almost time for bed and since our son was up for part of the evening, we're hoping that we'll get a little more sleep this night around. And my wife and I wouldn't want it any other way. Later.

Metallman getting ready to cut the cord.

My wife (Brokendoll) and my lil one.

My phone is dead, but that's not stopping my babe texting away.

Me and my little one.


  1. Congrats! That was very fast. I'm glad it went so smooothly

  2. aww, congratulations. That was a fast delivery.

  3. Hi Metalman, Congrats from India. ;)

  4. Hi,
    Congrats to your new beautiful baby son. What a Blessing for your family! Thanks for sharing your precious pictures with us. :-)