Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bluelight Specials at Kmart

Hey there friends. Kmart is having a sale! You know me, I'm always good to save a few bucks. Especially now that we have a little one on his way, every dollar that we can save will help us in the long run. This is why I'm glad that the Kmart Bluelight specials are back. I mean, we already shop at Kmart and it's been awhile since I've heard the PA system announce a Bluelight item.

It's about time, if you ask me. Since the kids will be back in school soon, we'll be hitting up the local Kmart on Aug. 15th (this Saturday) to take advantage of the 40+ Bluelight Specials that they have planned. Since the kids will need back to school items, we're definitely going for backpacks, since they just don't seem to make it past a full year. lol So it would be great to get a $20 back pack for $8 during their Bluelight special. Come to think of it, we could also use some patio furniture. I got our shed up this week and since I got it up, my wife and I created a lot more patio space now that the items that cluttered the patio are now in the shed. Patio furniture will be on sale (70% off) but if we get there for the Bluelight special, it's an additional 20% off! We need a patio set of some kind. Maybe a bench and a table with at least 4 lawn chairs. We have an open space in our back yard that we just don't hang out on because there isn't a table with chairs there. When we have company over, we usually stay indoors since there really isn't anywhere to seat our guests when we walk outside. And you know what else I can pick up while there? A grill! My wife and I were just talking about getting one yesterday. I had a small, old grill that wasn't covered (again, no shed) so it got ruined by the sun and rain and needed to be thrown out. Now that we have a place to shelter a grill, I can look into getting a decent sized grill. Something where I can grill more than 4 or 5 patties at once. Thinking realistically, I doubt that I would be able to get all the items that I need, UNLESS, the price is right! Considering that the price is slashed significantly during Bluelight time, maybe I'll be lucky enough to get everything I want. We'll see what I can score from Kmart come Aug. 15th! If by chance we won't be able to make it to Kmart, we'll check out, since they'll be having their own set of Bluelght specials there. Hmmm.... maybe we should do some online shopping since I know my wife can't be up on her feet for so long. Then again, I've never heard her say no to shopping in store so maybe we will end up going. lol

I also started following Kmart on Twitter, since I've discovered that they offer printable coupons for items. Who wouldn't want to score free coupons? I'm looking at one right now where I can get a free set of wooden pencils for buying back to school stuff. I'm going to buy back to school items anyways, so yeah, I want free pencils too. lol Sale starts Aug 15h, friends. Check it out. You know we will. Later.


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I love shopping at Kmart. I like that the bluelight specials are back. I remember as a kid that when the announcer announced a sale, a lot of people would go running to that department. Either people really like sales, or the item was hot! Ha!

Think Smart, Shop Kmart. I'll check it out :) thanks for the info

Big Kmart - Big Kmart signals a different kind of Kmart. These stores are bigger, brighter and offer big savings, big value, big selection and big convenience.

Big Kmart stores are designed to increase store sales by increasing the frequency of customer visits. The format focuses on three distinct businesses - home fashions, children's apparel and consumables - and features an expanded food area known as the "Pantry."

The layout makes it easier for customers to shop by placing the departments our customers want to shop near one another, and closer to the front of the store.

We took it out of the box and tried to assemble it yesterday and the branches won't stand up. It seems as if they need to hook or click into something but we can't figure out what. Of course, there were no instructions, only a simple diagram on the box.

Check with your states department of labor to see what they legally allow underage workers to do. From there you will know if K-Mart has anything for you that you can specifically apply for.

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