Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Young One

Hey there. Today is our young one's birthday. We've decided that for her 8th birthday we would get her a set diamond studded earrings. We're getting a little bit of a backlash in regards to that gift. Some say that she's too young for that as a gift, considering that she turns 8 today, but we feel as if she's a big girl and can take care of them. But as an insurance policy, we're getting the screw back earring so there's no way that they will fall off or whatever. We've noticed that she doesn't play with "little girl" stuff such as dolls and what not, even though she has a pretty big collection of them. She prefers to read a book (Judy Bloom or the Junie B Jones series seem to be her favorites) or what music specials on Fuse. lol

Went haven't decided on where we are going to take her for dinner. We gave her the choice of selecting the spot. As I walked the kids to the school this morning, I told her to think about it and let us know. The birthday talk also brought up "party" talk. We're not against parties, or anything of that nature, but we believe that the kids are getting used to the idea that "parties = presents". I briefly explained that a party is not necessary to celebrate a birthday. We celebrated our son's birthday this year at the Rain Forest Cafe and had us some cake. I used that as an example of us having a special outing as a family and celebrated a birthday together. They seemed to understand and after discussing my talk with them to my wife, she really wants to make sure that they understand that. Mainly because we were at a birthday party this weekend where the "birthdayee" was practically kicking everyone out after presents were received because the birthdayee wanted to celebrate in their own way. Seemed extremely ungrateful to me and this person is not considered a young one...

Anyways, I wanted to write a little something something to her so here goes.

June Gloom Nevermore

They say that April showers bring May flowers
and that June is full of gloom
Today is a day that we celebrate
Another year that we've watch you bloom
No blackened clouds or darken skies
Can deter your sunny smile
You brighten a room with such grace
And always in your style
Your song and dance makes us grin
Full of adulation
A voice full of angel's choir
Always bringing admiration
So, to our young one we dedicate
On this blissful day in June
All our love and so much more
As you emerge from your cocoon
Gloomy days are done and done
As we watch you, our butterfly
We love you lots and always will
Even after you take off into the sky.



  1. Yay for you! They grow so fast right?

  2. Hey there J,

    Yeah, man. My oldest is almost in JR High... Time flies... Before I know it, we'll be planning her quincenera.

  3. OMG **tear!!!
    I want diamond earings too!! lol