Friday, June 19, 2009

Get a Life PETA

Hey there. I try not to post about the news much, since I have readers across the world and I'm sure we're not all watching the same news, but I have to throw in my two cents in this PETA v. President Obama fiasco. For those of you in the dark, US President Obama had a sit down interview in which a fly decided to swarm around his face and land on his hand. Obama, displaying his awesome ninja skills, swatted the fly with his bare hands, killing it. The camera guy went as far as zooming in on the dead fly.

To me, that's pretty damn cool. A president that's just like everybody else. If a fly is bugging you, don't tell me that you just sit or stand there and let it throw up all over your skin. Hell nah, if you're normal, you swat it away, or get a fly swatter and show it who's boss. The president brushed it off his hand and carried on with his conversation like it was just an everyday occurrence. No biggie, right? WRONG!(Depeche Mode status)

PETA had a huge problem with it. It's a freaking fly, PETA! I like your cause; it's righteous, it's noble, but there is nothing noble about complaining over the death of a freaking fly. Like Jimmy Kimmel said in his show, PETA swears the fly was a gift from Ethiopia. C'mon, really PETA. Are there not enough REAL issues involving whales, rhinos, and all kinds of furry friends that you need to make a statement condemning the president over a stupid fly. I mean, what's next? You're going to come barging through every American door to assure that we have garbage lying around to properly feed the flies? Will there be a bon fire out in New York fueled by fly swatters and fly traps? Choose and pick your fights wisely, PETA. If you continue with these BS battles, you're going to lose a lot of credibility and quite frankly, I think your reputation just took a huge blow over this nonsense. Later.


  1. Preach on, Metal...Funny thing is, PETA euthenizes unwanted animals too...That's a secret PETA wants you to know....Peace

  2. I rolled my eyes hard on this too. PETA's reputation has been crap to me for a long time anyway.